New York’s Hidden Gem: The City Hall Station

The New York subway line has a deeper history, than it may be known to majority of people. It all began in 1904, when the first subway system was launched by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company.

The City Hall station with the finest architectural elements, once was an ornate sight of an underground subway system. It’s far from the modern subway we know today. With glass tiles and magnificent chandeliers, it looked more like an artistic hidden museum.

Despite it’s beauty, the City Hall station soon became obsolete, due to other alternative routes. The Brooklyn Bridge station, that was nearby, was accessible via express trains and nearby streetcars. Furthermore, the station faced certain limitations, because of its curved platform. So, trains with center opening doors couldn’t pass it, unless they were fitted with certain attachments.

Because of this, by 1945, the number of passengers, that frequented the City Hall station gradually reduced.

Today, passengers taking the train may not be able to get off at this particular station, however, they can still marvel at its beauty, as the train passes by the tracks on certain loop lines.

If you’re still interested to witness the beauty of the once ornate subway station, you can take part in tours of the abandoned City Hall station, which is organised by the New York City Transit Museum. It’s definitely a great way to see a different side of New York. In order to join the periodic tours, you need to be a member of the museum. So, if you’re bored of the generic, gray and dull subway stations of New York, come visit a hidden gem of the past.

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