Offbeat locations to explore in London

Regular or first-time visitors to London have one thing in common- they all tend to see the main highlights of the city. You name it, and they have been there and seen popular spots such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, or the famous Buckingham Palace. Most people take the same path as the other tourists and come back with similar experiences.

While those popular touristic sites are a must to see in London, it is time to get off the beaten path and discover some unusual locations in London. If you are anxious about where to store your luggage for a short while, you can browse Luggage Storage guide London and take advantage of their services.
It is time to discover the hidden gems of London that don’t find a place in the standard itineraries of the city. However, missing out on them would mean being devoid of those endless tales about local culture and getting to know the real London.

Here are a few of those unexplored sites in London that are a must-visit for any tourist.

  • Little Venice – Discover London’s very own Italian city, Little Venice, and as its name suggests, you will find numerous waterside cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the area. You can walk along the waterside or take a ride on the canal boats.
  • The Scottish Stores – If you are in search of fascinating heritage and a diverse range of craft ales, then head straight for the Scottish Stores that are located close to the Kings Cross station. If you want to keep your baggage in safe hands, take advantage of LuggageHero King’s Cross services and get ready to enjoy an ever-rotating beer menu sources sourced from Iceland.
  • Great Fire of London – Visit the monument of Great Fire of London, but make sure that you have booked in advance, or you will be met with long queues at the entrance. Go to the top of the tall building to enjoy some amazing views of the city from above and enjoy it in all its glory.
  • Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams – Venture to the east to come upon Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams which is made from every kind of possible object and materials that have been collected over decades. Every surface of this home, from inside and outside, is adorned with unusual art.
  • Neal’s Yard – Right within the very heart of London, you will find Neal’s Yard, which is like an adorable little enclave. It is tiny but brimming with color and energy as you will find crowds of people thronging here to explore and enjoy the shopfronts and independent eateries. Neal’s Yard is a completely adorable, lovely place where you will simply forget that you are in London.
  • Holland Park- Explore the beautiful park made in Japanese style, and the hidden gem is tucked away in smart Kensington. You will love the Kyoto Garden with its winding paths, grand statues, and an orangery. You will find plenty of peacocks here as well as an opera house in the garden.
  • Short trips from London- It is a great idea to include some short trips from London, and some exciting ideas include a visit to Beconskot Model Village that dates back to the 1930s. Or you could go to the York’s Cold War Bunke that was built due to a possible nuclear attack. Mayfield Lavender Fields are a good idea for summers.

The above-listed ideas are just a few to keep you busy in London and enjoy some unusual but extraordinary experiences. It is time to enjoy London from a different perspective and take in all that the city has to offer.


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