516 Arouca: Portugal’s Record-Setting Suspension Bridge

If you feel the urge to get in touch with your inner Indiana Jones, Portugal‘s newest suspension bridge will make you feel like you’re on a dangerous, epic adventure. The steel 516 Arouca bridge is the lengthiest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. The builders of the bridge estimate that if you’re walking at a steady pace, the bridge takes a little over 10 minutes to cross.

516 Arouca offers a sweeping view of the Paiva River. Mountains, forests and even a few waterfalls are visible on all sides. 516 Arouca’s light steel construction allows pedestrians who look towards their feet as they are walking a clear view of the river below. If you are deathly afraid of heights, you should probably think twice before attempting the 10 minute trek across 516 Arouca. Unless you want to channel Indiana Jones and pretend you’re on a death-defying hunt for ancient artifacts.

All images via Ponte 516 Arouca

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