Santa Maddalena: Italy’s Hidden Valley

Santa Maddalena

Photo by Spohai/Flickr

When most people think of visiting Italy, they think of strolling the streets of a posh city like Rome. Italy is home to countless small villages that are every bit as lovely as Italy’s glamorous big cities. The tiny village of Santa Maddalena—which is located in the shadow of the Dolomites—has all of the charm of Italy’s better-known cities. Onlookers often miss the village of Santa Maddalena because they’re distracted by the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

Sunrise at Santa Maddalena in the Italian Dolomites

Sunrise at Santa Maddalena in the Italian Dolomites

The village of Santa Maddalena has a population of a little over 370 people. Santa Maddalena is nestled among towering mountains, fields of wildflowers, and patches of evergreen forest. The Santa Maddalena Church was constructed after an image of Santa Maddalena washed ashore on the banks of a nearby river. The outside of the church of Santa Maddalena is relatively austere, but the inside features an ornate altar, vaulted ceilings, and elaborate paintings by artist Johann M. Pescoller.

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