The English atmosphere hidden in Japan: Yufuin Floral Village

Apart from its incredible history and well preserved culture, Japan hosts some of the most wonderful places that very few know about. While the bonsai art and kimonos are exciting, it’s actually an English setting that takes people aback: Yufuin Floral Village.

Even though the visitors can walked through the village in a few minutes, the trip is definitely worth it. The old English atmosphere is inspired by Cotswolds, an English area dating back to the Neolithic Era. Many scenes from the legendary ‘Harry Potter’ were filmed in the little houses made of stone there.

Unlike Cotswolds, though, the vintage architecture of Yufuin Floral Village was made in 2012 by a local businessman – and it didn’t take long until it attracted crowds.

Surrounded by hills and mountains, the series of houses and stores are so small that an average adult can touch their roof. Each building is carefully decorated with flowers, bushes and lamps above the doors. Apparently, the inside is just as intriguing, regardless if it’s a garage or a store.

The old English atmosphere is even more pronounced due to the classic red vintage cars parked in narrow streets; from time to time, visitors can also spot the Great Britain flag on cars, doors or used as small carpets.

The Peter Rabbit animal garden is a beautiful mix of Japanese and English plants with ducks and other creatures. At the entrance, tourists can meet Beatrix Potter, an owl resembling the wise Harry Potter birds– except, Beatrix has its own little house.

There’s just one thing that reminds visitors they’re still in Japan. From Kiki’s bakery to a florist shop, the Battle of the fragrances or the Glasses shop, each store is filled with Japanese promotional signs and a wide range of products.

Furthermore, for those who fell in love with the natural, old atmosphere, there is a hotel placed on a hill where they can spend the night. From up there, not only can they see the entire village slightly enlightened by small lamps, but also the breathtaking view of mountains and hills in the area.






Photos without credit are by bagelmouse/Flickr. Location: Japan, 〒879-5102 Oita Prefecture, Yufu, 湯布院町川上1503−3.


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