Staying Safe: Why Every Student Traveler Should Prioritise Travel Insurance

There are so many wonderful reasons to travel, from making your world a little bigger to meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and maybe even trying to “find yourself”. But, to combine your wanderlust and desire to travel with your academic goals is – for some – a match made in heaven. 

Choosing to study abroad means embracing independence, boosting your job and networking prospects and of course – having the time of your life! But before prospective travellers get bogged down with checking visa requirements, working out a budget and starting on that mountainous pile of forms they have to get through, international students mustn’t overlook one of the most important elements of overseas travel: travel insurance. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight the importance of travel insurance for study abroad students and why it should always be a priority.

Protection Against Medical Emergencies

You’re planning on living and studying abroad – so it’s not surprising that you haven’t even considered the worst possible scenario. But, sadly if you’re heading overseas to study it makes sense to protect yourself from any potential medical emergency that could derail your study plans.

Taking out a travel insurance policy will give you total peace of mind that if the worst should happen you won’t have to worry about sky-high medical bills or sourcing medical evacuation if it should come to that. Anything from a dental emergency to requiring medical help for a sickness bug, the comprehensive medical coverage that comes with a travel insurance policy can ensure you get treated promptly and at the very best medical facility! 

Coverage for Trip Interruptions and Cancellations

We all know that life is unpredictable and even the best-laid plans are not immune to cancellations, travel interruptions or natural disasters. But, one thing you can control is the fallout of any of these potential problems. By sourcing travel insurance before you head overseas, you can receive cover for cancellations, illness, natural disasters and financial reimbursement for anything affected, such as accommodation, flights and even pre-paid activities. 

This kind of financial protection is key for anyone who is planning to study overseas. And provides peace of mind in those moments you can’t control. 

Safeguarding Personal Belongings

Anyone who travels abroad will always have plenty of personal belongings with them. But if you’re an international student heading abroad, chances are you’ll have a whole host of items with you, including laptops, smartphones, headphones, cables, tablets, smartwatches and all kinds of other electronic equipment that you’ll need for your studies. 

Therefore, it’s important to consider taking out a travel insurance policy. Luggage can easily become lost or get stolen or damaged – the last thing anyone needs! Travel insurance can give you compensation for any lost, damaged or stolen items, removing the stress and financial burden of replacing these items yourself! 

Assistance Services Available 24/7

If you’re heading somewhere completely new and with a language barrier to contend with, then having additional support during times of need or stress can be a lifesaver and help you resolve problems quickly. Many travel insurance policies offer assistance service 24 hours a day, so if you need help finding a local doctor, or dentist, arranging emergency funds or resolving a lost passport issue then you’ll be glad you took out a travel insurance policy! 

Final Thoughts…

Deciding to travel overseas and study is an incredible way to see the world and embrace your chosen subjects. But whatever you decide to study and wherever you choose to study it, make sure you take out travel insurance so you can study and explore the world with total peace of mind.

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