The Sign Post Forest: The Yukon’s Heartwarming Sign Collection

The frozen wilds of Canada’s Yukon Territory isn’t the first place that comes to mind when a weary traveler is searching for some faint reminder of the comforts of home. Many travelers speeding along a remote stretch of the Alaska Highway are pleasantly surprised when they stumble upon a vast collection of signs from all over the world known as the Sign Post Forest.

Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake

The Sign Post Forest was created by a lonely soldier in the 1940s who lovingly crafted a hand-painted sign and pointed it towards his hometown of Danville, Illinois. The Sign Post Forest features thousands of signs, including a sleek sign from Germany, a rustic sign from the Jackson National Fish Hatchery, and a rugged license plate from the state of Wyoming. Visitors are welcome to leave a street sign from their hometown, or a handmade sign that offers words of comfort and wisdom to fellow travellers.

Sign Post Forest


Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Y0A

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