Thor’s Well in Oregon

Located on the Oregon Pacific Coast in the North West of the USA, Thor’s Well is a circular hole, that was formed after a sea cave collapse.

At high tide, the waves come in under the hole and seem to fill it from the bottom, while spray bursts out of the top. As the waves recede, the hole empties and it looks like the sea is draining away into a bottomless hole, before it refills and empties again. Thor’s Well has many nicknames including the drainpipe of the Pacific and even the Gate to Hell.

Tousrists must be careful, as a rogue wave can easily cover visitors in spray or knock one over. However, the real danger is the sea and sharp volcanic rock, as opposed to the Well itself.

Thor’s Well is located just 3 miles south of Yachats in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and its Visitor Center.


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