Top Benefits of Jet Card Memberships for Charter Flights

Considering the uncertain looming times with the current pandemic, many air travelers are opting for the safe travel options including private aviation as an alternative to commercial flying. While there are several ways to fly privately, including on-demand charter and fractional ownership of flights, jet card memberships offer a more attractive proposition.

Jet card membership

A private jet card offers consistent access to aircraft with locked-in rates as per the pre-defined terms. Compared to an on-demand charter where you have to navigate through the seasonal rates and availability of aircraft, a membership can give you an upper hand to greater benefits and a hassle-free travel experience. Without the risks and costs associated with fleet ownership, you can enjoy the following benefits of a restful and safe private travel experience:

Fixed Hourly Rates

You can purchase a jet card membership depending on the hours of flying you need and avail of an inclusive hourly rate. The tailored hourly rate varies on your specific flying needs, preferred aircraft type, and frequented destination. You have the complete flexibility to choose the hourly rates according to your budget and flying requirements.

Besides, most jet card programs charge only for the travelled flight hours, which means that you may not be liable to pay for empty legs if the aircraft is not occupied after dropping you to your destination.


As a result of the fixed rates, you can forecast and be prepared for your travel expenses at all times. Whether it be business or personal travel, you can stay in control to set your budget and sit back to enjoy the convenience of all-around access to private jet charters. This is especially beneficial for frequent flyers who can end up paying out of their pocket when levied with uncapped seasonal rates.

Guaranteed Availability

Jet card memberships guarantee flight services available as per your demand. With a single call or click of the app booking service, your travel needs are sorted. There is no need for you to book for each trip you make or select from the available departure of flights. Aside from unplanned emergencies, you are guaranteed to find a flight whenever you need it and to wherever you want to travel.

charter flight

Most providers even go a step further to keep a tab on your detailed preferences so that they know what type of beverage or amenities you want onboard. More importantly, you can have complete peace of mind if you make emergency travel plans or change your travel plans frequently. Rest assured, you will have a jet at your disposal.

Luxury Travel Perks

Whether you want a complimentary catering allowance or jet class upgrades, jet card memberships enable you to enjoy luxurious travel perks available for your selection when you want it the most. This way, you can enjoy an unparalleled travel experience personalized to your preferences with the ultimate rewards for each travel.

For instance, you have the flexibility to choose a larger or smaller aircraft based on your trip needs and upgrade your aircraft to a higher level if the need arises. Most jet card programs offer free upgrades one to two times, and others have an interchange rate that you can pay per your usage.

Safety beyond Par

Safety is the topmost concern for frequent flyers. Jet card membership programs assure high safety standards, including WYVERN safety records, up-to-date audit checks, and maintenance verifications before the flight leaves the ground. If you are looking for a safe travel experience during unprecedented times of the Covid-19 outbreak, a private charter can provide utmost safety and eliminate your anxieties. Jet cards go a step further to necessitate safety protocols to your private charter flights whenever you travel.

Phone and Wi-Fi

Inflight phone and Wi-Fi connectivity may not be a mandatory requirement for all flyers. However, if you want to stay connected during your journey, jet cards can enable access to exclusive phone and Wi-Fi services depending on the type of aircraft you choose.

Save Time

People who use charter on-demand have to contact two or three air charter brokers for each trip and wait for them to get back on quotes. You have to spend more time comparing the quotes. On the other hand, with jet cards, you don’t have to spend time and effort on planning each trip. Instead, by choosing the right jet card membership program, you can save time and rely on a single provider for the same level of services each time you travel.

Additional Arrangements

To make your end-to-end travel convenient, members can also ask for exclusive deals for on-ground transportation, dinner reservations, hotels, and travel concierge services. These services are made available on request.

The above are some of the benefits of jet card memberships. With no hidden costs, transparent pricing, personalized service, and guaranteed access take your private air travel experience to the next level.

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