A Traveler’s Guide: How To Stay Safe And Have A Great Trip

Traveling is thrilling and eye-opening. The thought of being in a new place and meeting new people can make anyone excited. However, being in an unfamiliar surrounding can make an unwary traveler an easy target for thieves, drive-by purse-snatchers, or pickpockets. Tourists could also fall prey to more dangerous criminals like kidnappers, identity thieves, or sex traffickers. Although most travelers don’t fall victim to anything serious, it’s important to stay cautious and take travel security and safety into consideration.

Here’s the ultimate travel guide to help you take a safe and memorable trip:

Research Information About Your Destination

Before you arrive at your destination, get to know the areas which are safe and those which are dangerous for tourists. You can do this by reading traveler reviews or consulting with locals for information about the safest neighborhoods and places to stay. After you’ve chosen your accommodation, you could also consider asking the receptionist at your accommodation to recommend places to visit and which ones to avoid.

Write Down Phone Number for Emergency Services

If an emergency occurs, you won’t have the time to search for contact numbers of local police or ambulance services. Thus, an important travel safety precaution is to record the emergency services numbers for your destination. It’s also a good idea to get the number for the nearest embassy or consulate before you reach there. Remember to write these down or save them on your phone, so you’ll have quick access if something goes wrong while traveling.

Ensure a Safe Flight

After you’ve prepared yourself for any emergencies that could occur while being abroad, you need to choose an aviation company that promises a safe flight. If you’re considering traveling via a private jet, choose a service that ensures technical safety. The quality and maintenance of a fleet are essential. For this reason, the team at Bitluxtravel.com advises passengers to ask questions regarding mechanical repairs and ask the company to give a tour of the plane to remove any uncertainty. Another way to clear any doubts you may have regarding their service is to look at the aircraft’s safety history.

Be Aware of Common Travel Scams

No matter where you’re planning to visit, it’s common to find people who are ready to trick you out of your hard-earned cash. Research the area beforehand to figure out the popular scams at your specific destination. This way, you’re less likely to be duped even by the most professional con-artists and you’ll save yourself from getting tricked out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Be Smart About Your Cash

When traveling, taking precautions is the key to safety. Thus, you should contemplate all the possible worst-case scenarios and plan accordingly. It’s vital that you never carry huge amounts of cash with you; rather use a normal wallet in which you keep the money you need for that day. You should hide the rest of it safely in the hostel or hotel you’re staying at.

Remember to keep your money and cards in different places so you aren’t left completely empty-handed in case one of your stashes gets compromised. Another option to protect your money is to open an account in an international bank or credit card company so that you’re able to use local ATMs. However, when using an ATM, try to use one that is attached to a bank. Moreover, you should never allow someone to “help” you with your transaction.

Remember to keep your money and cards in different places so you aren’t left completely empty-handed in case one of your stashes gets compromised. If you are traveling as a family then reloadable cards are great for your children. There are a number of reloadable kids debit card options to choose from.

Blend In to Avoid Drawing Attention

When it comes to traveling, it’s essential to avoid being an obvious tourist. The wrong clothing can give scammers a hint that you’re from out of town. Most tourists make the mistake of carrying large amounts of cash and valuables, making them an easy target for thieves. To keep yourself safe from the wrong kind of people, you need to look less like a visitor. Wear clothes that the locals do to blend in as much as possible. Furthermore, if you’re lost, be discreet when looking at maps, so it isn’t apparent that you’re an outsider.

Protect Your Valuables

Even though it’s a bad idea to travel with anything extremely valuable, you might still have stuff that you cannot afford to lose or have stolen. Firstly, get a travel lock that can secure your bag to a seat while dining or in transit. If you’re staying at a hotel, lock your room door and don’t let any strangers enter. Another way to keep your valuables safe is to invest in a theft-proof bag which can make it difficult for pickpockets to steal stuff. Additionally, if you’re traveling on a train, especially if the route has a reputation for theft, you could use your backpack as a pillow.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is possible for you to let your guard down when you’ve eased into the place after spending a few days. However, the moment you’re snapping a picture for social media or casually exploring shops, you could get robbed or hurt. Thus, you need to stay cautious by keeping an eye on your belongings and use sound judgment when interacting with strangers. In addition, if someone is acting suspiciously near you, or making you feel uncomfortable, leave that place immediately.

Keep Your Friends and Family Updated

It’s a good idea to keep your loved ones informed of your whereabouts. Even if it’s an overnight trip, having someone back home who knows where you should be will prove to be very useful in case something terrible happens. Thus, before you leave, let a few trusted people know your itinerary. Additionally, make a habit of checking in with your contacts at the end of each day.

Traveling can bring great joy but is often accompanied by unavoidable risks. However, if you follow these safety tips, you can enjoy your trip with confidence. In short, crime and unfortunate incidents happen all over the world, but with the right precautions, you can manage to tackle the obstacles. Thus, by preparing yourself beforehand, you can have a great time on your trip.


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