Torre Sant’Andrea: Sunbathe Next to Stunning Sea Stacks on the “Heel” of Italy

Italy is home to countless stunning beaches, but locals will enthusiastically tell you that Torre Sant’Andrea—which is located in Puglia—ranks very high among Italy’s most breathtaking stretches of sand and sea. Situated in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea on the “heel” of Italy’s “boot,” Torre Sant’Andrea features snow-white sea stacks that visitors can sunbathe atop, climb on, and swim underneath.

Torre Sant’Andrea is a rocky beach where visitors can explore various rock formations—or faraglioni. Beachgoers can float in the jewel-toned waters of the Adriatic Sea amid rocky columns, arches, and ledges that offer sweeping views of one of the most striking bodies of water on Earth. Water shoes and floaties are indispensable items if you’re planning to visit Torre Sant’Andrea, as foot protection and a lightweight floatation device will greatly enhance your day at the beach.

Spiaggia della Punticeddha is a small sandy beach near Torre Sant’Andrea. Visitors can view stately rock formations while relaxing in soft sand. Spiaggia della Punticeddha tends to be a bit busier than Torre Sant’Andrea—especially during the summer months when most Europeans go on holiday. It is best to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon if you’re looking to snag a primo sunbathing spot at Spiaggia della Punticeddha.

Sant’Andrea and Spiaggia della Punticeddha are ideal spots for kayaking. There is a small rocky island near Spiaggia della Punticeddha that is a popular sunbathing and picnic destination. A short kayak ride allows visitors to explore majestic sea stacks that defy description and transport a cooler full of gelato, salumi, and cheese to Spiaggia dell Puniceddha’s whimsical small island.

No trip to Italy is complete without a day spent frolicking in the sapphire waters of the Adriatic Sea among sea stacks that look as though they are the handiwork of Roman gods.

Via Lungomare Matteotti

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