Zlatni Rat: Visit a Distinctive Beach in Croatia

Zlatni Rat—which is located near the town of Bol in Croatia—is one of the world’s most distinctive beaches. This narrow strip of land is in a constant state of flux. The shape of Zlatni Rat changes with the ebb and flow of the tide, causing it to shrink or expand. Occasionally, a small lake even forms on the beach.

Though it appears man-made, Zlatni Rat was entirely shaped by natural forces. Centuries ago, Romans built a villa here, and the ruins of this villa still stand in a grove of pine trees, planted long ago to provide shade for beachgoers during warmer months. Before these pines, Zlatni Rat was home to an ancient vineyard.

A closer inspection reveals that Zlatni Rat’s shores are lined with smooth pebbles. Visitors can hunt for spiral-shaped stones, or ‘stones of happiness’, which locals believe bring good luck to those who find them.

The turquoise waters surrounding Zlatni Rat are ideal for kayaking, scuba diving, and jet skiing. It’s a hotspot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the steady winds that blow every afternoon. Although known for its slightly cool waters, Zlatni Rat offers a refreshing respite during Croatia’s broiling hot summers.

Zlatni Rat is a family-friendly location known for its mellow waters, beach volleyball courts, and a nearby water park. Families can also rent paddleboats to explore the coastline. Note that some nearby beaches offer swimsuit-optional areas, so consider differentiating between adult and family-friendly beaches before exploring.

According to a scientific survey dating back to 2006, Zlatni Rat is steadily expanding. Each year, more land emerges for sunbathers, parasailers, and swimmers to relax on one of the world’s most iconic beaches. Aerial photos make the slim beach appear small, but during the peak of summer, nearly 10,000 people can comfortably lounge there at once. If you’re a beach lover, Zlatni Rat’s rich history, azure waters, and constantly evolving shape are sure to enchant your inner beach bum.

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