Katskhi Pillar

In modern day Georgia a monk of the Orthodox Church, Fr. Maxim, is restoring with aid from local villagers a small 1200 year old monastic chapel on top of Katskhi Pillar. The pillar is a natural rock formation jutting upwards from the ground to a height of approximately one hundred forty feet. It was known to be used by stylites as late as the 15th century when foreign occupation by the Islamic Ottoman Empire brought an end to the practice. Upon completion Fr. Maxim hopes to take up residence on top of Katskhi as a stylite monk.

Address: Georgia, Imereti region, Chiatura, village Katskhi.

Sources: Wikipedia, Panaramio.

5 thoughts on “Katskhi Pillar

  1. Был в Грузии. прекрасная страна и люди хорошие. А Храм на такой горе, это здорово, это по грузински.

  2. Congratulations for your website! keep on sharing these beautifil places with us!
    cheers from Spain!

  3. Thank You for such beautiful places for us to see and bringing them to our home. They are diamonds in a rock.

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