10 Unique Places to See in Bermuda

Warm weather, sunny skies, and beautiful beaches are the stuff of summer vacation. That is why so many people choose to visit Bermuda for their holidays. This tiny island is a British territory located in the North Atlantic, just off the Carolinas coast.

Beach in Horshoe bay Bermuda

Beach in Horshoe bay Bermuda
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If you want to go on a couple’s trip to Bermuda, you should plan ahead. Specifically, you should know some unique things to see and do while you are there. Here are some of the highlights.

1. The Railway Trail

The Bermuda Railway Trail is an abandoned railway trail that spreads throughout most of the island. The trail follows the original route of the Bermuda Railway that began operating in the early 1930s. Though this railway is now defunct, the trail still shows off the island’s stunning landscape.

Biking, hiking, or even walking along the trail is one of the most fun things to do in Bermuda. You will also see Bermuda’s colorful flowers, lush plants, and fragrant trees along the way. Following the trail is a powerful aesthetic experience.

2. Show Off Your Artistic Side

You should try new things when on vacation. Bermuda’s Studio 8 offers jewelry-making and glass-blowing classes. If you are more of a viewer than a doer, you can watch local glass artisans at work at Dockyard Glassworks. Here you can find glass-based jewelry pieces and speak with the artists who created them.

3. To the Lighthouse


Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

A scenic view of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton Parish, Bermuda.
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The 185-step spiral staircase of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is located in the middle of the island. It overlooks the South Shore and offers views of Bermuda’s capital city of Hamilton. Here you will get spectacular views of the town’s pastel-colored white-roofed building and the Royal Naval Dockyard.

4. Crystal and Fantasy Caves

On especially hot days, you can cool down with a guided tour of the Crystal Cave. Located 120 feet below ground, this subterranean cave is at least one million years old. The cave contains unique geological structures formed during the last Ice Age.

Once you have finished with the Crystal Cave, you can visit the smaller and more compact Fantasy Cave, which has a lake and ancient mineral deposits that resemble frozen waterfalls.

5. Up for Some Scuba Diving?

Bermuda has some of the best scuba diving in the world. Two historic shipwrecks and a reef surrounded by coral and colorful fish are among the dives on offer. If going that deep is not your idea of a good time, you can snorkel at a secluded beach area. A catamaran takes you past Devil’s Isle, where the infamous Bermuda reefs have imperiled seagoing vessels for centuries.

6. Pink Sand Beach


Bermuda's famous pink sand beach

Pink sandy beach and turqoise blue water of Bermuda
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The best beaches in Bermuda have sand with hues of pink. They are beautiful and almost beg to be photographed and posted on social media. The pinkish tone of the sand owes to a microscopic type of coral in reefs that wash up on the Bermuda shore. The washing up on the shore breaks down the coral and blends with the sand. The result, over time, is a gorgeous pink shade.

7. Cliff-Jumping

If you and your partner are into extreme sports or just want a bit of thrill and exhilaration during your couple’s trip to Bermuda, you should try cliff-jumping at Admiralty House Park. The park encompasses the grounds of the former home of British naval officers. The overhanging cliffs are reached by a rocky path and stairs. This leads to the open ocean below. Once you have done this climb, you can decide whether to jump into the water from the stairs or from a spot on the rocky cliff.

8. A Romantic Sunset


You can board a catamaran and literally sail into the sunset. These tours feature rum cocktails and champagne. You and yours can relax to the sounds of live music as you watch the fading sunlight of a summer’s day.

9. Segway Into History

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicle. You and your partner can take a guided tour through some of the most important historical sites on the island on this eco-friendly vehicle. One of the most popular spots to visit is the Royal Naval Dockyard. Francis Scott Key, the author of the Star-Spangled Banner, was a prisoner of war on a British ship that sailed from the Dockyard.

The National Museum of Bermuda, the Commissioner’s House, and the Clocktower are also well-loved sites.

10. Have a Pint at the Island’s Oldest Pub

The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda’s oldest pub. It opened in 1932 in a 17th century roadhouse. This is the perfect place to order a Dark ‘n’ Stormy or Rum Sizzle, the island’s two unofficial national drinks.

Your stay in Bermuda will be much more fun if you have a sense of what there is to see and do on the island before you arrive. If you make a plan before you leave, Bermuda’s small size will be a kind of aid in getting through everything on your itinerary.

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