5 Unusual Things to Do in Italy

We all know that Italy is a famous tourist destination. Around 94 million visitors come to this country every year. Most of them flock to well-known attractions in Rome, Milan, and Florence. But if you want to avoid the crowds, there is plenty to do and see in the Bel Paese.

Besides cultural and historical locations, Italy is blessed with untouched nature. It means more exciting opportunities for adventures. Those who love to go off the beaten trail will enjoy our picks of unusual and unique things to do in Italy. So grab your passports, and let’s begin!

The importance of safe travel

Visiting a new country could be a safety concern, and it is crucial to go over a couple of things. If you plan on staying for more than a week, purchasing travel insurance is an excellent idea. You never know what could happen.

Besides that, you should always keep an eye on your belongings. Since Italy is a huge tourist destination, thieves know how to use it. Make sure you keep your wallet and money somewhere close, preferably not in a back pocket or a bag. We can’t stress this enough. So if you know you will be in a crowd of people or using public transport, watch out for your valuables.

Then we have cybersecurity. Travelers often rely on free Wi-Fi, but these networks could also be dangerous unless you have a VPN. Cybercriminals use them for gaining access to private and financial information. Some websites and streaming services have countries restrictions, therefore, changing your IP address location back to your home country, is necessary. Installing a VPN before you arrive in a different country is recommended. A VPN can encrypt your internet traffic, which means that you can safely use free Wi-Fi without worrying that someone might be tracking what you do.

What to do in Italy

1. Take a stroll down the Appian Way

Are you visiting Rome and don’t want to wait in lines for attractions? Then you should take a stroll down the Appian Way! The Appian Way has a coveted place in Roman history because it connected Rome and Brindisi. It was built in 312 BC. Romans used it to transport various goods and military troops.
The Appian Way starts in the very heart of Rome, and the first ten miles take you through the Appian Way Regional Park. You will see different historical buildings and experience an overlooked side of Rome. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes if you plan on covering all ten miles!

2. Explore Pentedattilo

Do you have a fascination with ghost towns? Pentedattilo is the place for you. Located in Calabria, this settlement was built by the Greeks. They picked Monte Calvario because of its strategic position. The location and the history of this place make it the ideal tourist sight, and the locals are doing their best to attract visitors to Pentedattilo.

You can tour the ruins of the Castle and even explore its lower levels with the help of a guide. However, the Church of the Saints Corifei Pietro and Paolo is hands-down the most popular place in Pentedattilo. Built during the Byzantine Empire, it will take your breath away with stunning architecture and details. Pentedattilo is also home to two festivals – Paleariza and the Pentedattilo Film Festival.

3. Learn about ham at Museum of Prosciutto di Parma

Museum of Prosciutto di Parma

Foodies shouldn’t skip the visit to the Museum of Prosciutto di Parma. The people of Parma are incredibly proud of their ham which dates back to Roman times. They have perfected the art of making delicious ham for centuries, and now you can even learn about it in this museum.

Visitors will learn about the different types of ham and how to recognize a high-quality one. Getting to know this particular part of Italy and its climate is a bonus. If you love art, there is a part of the museum dedicated to the representation of ham in various paintings and art forms.

4. Buy books at Libreria Acqua Alta

Venice is a stunning place but also very prone to occasional flooding. Therefore, having a bookstore in the city could be a bit tricky. The owners of Liberia Acqua Alta came up with a brilliant idea – they keep all the books and magazines in bathtubs and special waterproof containers. They even have a whole gondola inside the store, filled with books!

This bookstore is a must-see even if you are not into reading. It is such a unique and welcoming place. Not to forget that you can meet stray cats who reside in the bookstore and play with them while you browse the shelves.

5. See the Sunken City of Baia

City of Baia

Are you interested to see where Nero and Caesar spent their free time? If the answer is yes, then head straight for the City of Baia. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to explore it on foot. Instead, it is an underwater archaeological park accessible by boats. Some choose to dive straight in and swim around the city. If you are not feeling that adventurous, you can still see it from a boat with a glass bottom.

Baia was once a spa resort. Thanks to the nearby volcanic vents, Romans realized that the area was rich in hot springs. They would come here for medical reasons, as well as to relax. Unfortunately, the city was abandoned and then swallowed by water. Now it lays at the bottom of the bay near Naples.

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