Exploring the Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area in Blue Springs MO

Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area

Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area is a revered natural sanctuary located in Blue Springs, MO. Spanning over 1,071 acres, it is an undisturbed place that has been designated as a conservation area to protect its unique natural heritage. This pristine area was established in 1977 and its Nature Center opened in 1982 and has for many years been a haven for nature lovers and alike, offering a unique blend of diverse biodiversity as well as tranquil landscapes.

Sculpture Tour

I went through the downtown and parks of Blue Springs amazed at the great number of sculptures around. Dedicate one day exploring the town and have first-hand experience with different types of these sculptures found on streets as well as green spaces.

Driving around we had soon discovered that art lay round every corner including the public library.

During my exploration, I met Lawrence, who works for the city near the depot. He shared interesting information about how various sculptures were moved from one place to another within the city itself which depicted pride. The maps given out by Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce enable anyone interested to find their way along self-guided sculpture tours where they can view some local treasure pieces like those cast from Bronze especially.

Pink Hill Park

A must visit is Pink Hill Park with its Veterans Way Memorial. It is worth visiting this park if you are pressed for time, it holds much importance. There are also horseshoe pits, sand volleyball courts, BMX race course playgrounds among other facilities in this park and picnic shelters that can be reserved for group get-togethers.

Central Park

The central garden at Central Park where local people grow crops and flowers throughout the year was very vibrant when I visited there last month. You can look at all these gardens while here but kindly do not touch them since they are private property. On your right hand side lies another attractive sculpture just next to Blue Springs Depot which hosts several events throughout the year.

Colonial Gardens

A notable discovery I made was Colonial Gardens which is a place where you can really connect with nature. Their slogan, ‘shaping hearts and minds through food, flowers, and trees’, embodies their mission perfectly. While there I spoke to a horticulturist who was very enthusiastic about their own home grown produce that they also supply for sale. To add your gardening skills, try enrolling in one of the courses or workshops being offered at this place.

Burris Old Mill Park

The park is one of the city’s oldest parks spanning 14 acres and features the first ever city splash pad, skate park and paved walking trails. There is also a baseball field, basketball court as well as playgrounds. It is indeed a must visit because despite its small size, it provides more than enough recreational activities to keep people busy, hence, it could be visited twice if possible like we did.

Eat Cupcakes

These cupcakes smell so sweet as they are being baked at Simply Frosted on Main Street in Blue Springs. Those customers who want wedding or seasonal cupcakes mainly prefer those from here. Therefore buy them in plenty then eat them either at your house or while picnicking within any of the local parks around town.

Rotary Park

It would be remiss not to stop by Rotary Park during this trip. People were playing games in the park-like setting including kids on swings like every other one while other sculptures dotted around it too. Do not also forget about going round the lake using train or else taking part in educational Arbor Walk where various kinds of trees found locally can therefore be learnt about.

Dillingham-Lewis Museum

The Blue Springs Historical Society manages this 1906 house that has a beautiful porch and period decorations. It is particularly impressive on the upper floor where it hosts historical dresses, among other things like sewing machines. They appreciate your support in terms of donations for their projects.

Home Cooked Food

At Sandy’s Restaurant, one can enjoy homestyle meals. They are famous because of their huge Tenderloin Sandwich and they have nice breakfast options such as Biscuits and Gravy. Be sure to try a slice of pie!

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Blue Springs – not just somewhere on the way! Rich in parks, art galleries, eating houses and warm services, come here and take your sweet time around a captivating city center.

About Blue Springs MO

Due to its promising growth prospects, robust community services and proximity to Kansas City, Missouri is a more preferred relocation destination today than ever before.

Approximately 59k people live here with about 1.5% population rise annually thus making it an attractive place for living or business. The median household income within the area is $82 965 which exceeds both the statewide mean value ($64 583) and Kansas City ($75 694).

This low poverty rate (6.4%) coupled with impressive education attainment rates (96% high school graduation rate and over 33% of the residents with Bachelor’s degrees or higher) makes it highly suitable for new settlers with interest in stability and social amenities.

Its extensive recreational activities make it popular for many people who love outdoor life especially families with children while its well-developed infrastructure caters for both commercial and residential needs. It lies only at a distance of twenty miles from major business and commercial hubs making it ideal for working commuters. 

As a result, an increasing number of people and families are turning to a professional moving company to facilitate their moving into this locality because they desire to be part of its vibrant community with its numerous economic opportunities.

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