Experience Expedition Dining in Norway

In the midst of a breathtakingly beautiful fjord in Western Norway, a large silver oblong structure emerges, resembling a cross between a disco ball and a UFO. This seemingly alien object is an art installation known as the Salmon Eye, which houses an innovative eatery called Iris. Guests are transported to Iris by boat and spend six hours indulging in an 18-course meal composed almost entirely of ingredients sourced from the surrounding fjords and mountains.

Created by Danish Chef Anika Madsen, the menu at Iris aims to educate diners about sustainable food choices, the impact of invasive species on the food supply, and the flavorful possibilities of uncommon seafood. The full menu of Iris is only revealed to diners who purchase a ticket and pay $305 US dollars (plus an additional $239 for wine pairings), but the restaurant’s Instagram page hints at a seafood-centric offering with dishes containing ingredients such as blue mussels, crab bouillon, and invasive red sea urchin.

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Guests eager to experience what the founders of Iris term as ‘Expedition Dining’ must purchase tickets months in advance. Iris can accommodate only 24 guests on any given night. Diners with food allergies and dietary restrictions are encouraged to contact Iris prior to purchasing tickets, as most of the restaurant’s intricate dishes cannot be modified.

If the weather permits, one of the courses on Iris’s adventurous menu is served straight from a roaring fire pit on an open-air patio. Guests are encouraged to come to dinner dressed as if they are embarking on a rugged outdoor expedition, since experiencing the open air and viewing the picturesque water and cliffs surrounding the Salmon Eye form a significant part of the Expedition Dining experience. If you have a love for sustainability, exploration, and fresh mussels, consider booking a luxurious and educational dinner at Iris.

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