Vintage auto lovers rejoice! Check out Sweden’s Car Cemetery

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” might be true, if you’re an enthusiasts for old classic automobiles. What may look like a common junkyard, is actually a quirky and unique haven for both car lovers and photographers, searching for a new and unique sights.

The Car Cemetery is a swampy peat bog land in Kyrkö. It was bought up by Ake Danielsson, who saw some unlikely potential in the otherwise unused bog land. Over the years, Danielsson has been collecting abandoned old vehicles, that were left by their owners in the surrounding forest and soon enough he had gathered quite a collection of all sorts of cars.

At first, Danielsson created a side-business, by selling spare parts, so the area served as a scrap yard. Later, Danielsson fashioned the cars into innovative creations, like a shredder made of auto-parts. Soon enough, the old, abandoned cars gained a sort of unique aesthetic, that attracted various tourists, photographer and journalist, who came to view the unique set-up.

The scrap yard was almost shut down by the government, due to environmental concerns of the old pieces of scrap metal, which should have been sent to the nearest recycling facility. However, with a stroke of good luck and bad weather, efforts to shut Danielsson’s bog land came to a halt. Many journalists and photographers came to the man’s defense, so he kept the car cemetery open.

While Danielsson passed away in 2000, visitors can still view the car cemetery, which is located near the Ryd village in southern Sweden. Bring your camera along and capture the unique sights of abandoned metal amidst the swampy land, before it gets shut down for good. Only time will tell, how long the cemetery will be open to the public.

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