Heaven In Mexico: Las Pozas

How do you imagine the garden of Eden? A sculptor and art collector of the 20th century Edward James, brought his vision of Heaven to reality, right in the heart of Mexico. Located in the North of Mexico City, Las Pozas is a surreal combination of nature, sculpture and one bold man’s ideas.

Tourists, who are willing to start a real adventure into the wild, find Las Pozas to be a perfect place to relax and enjoy the art. From natural pools to small waterfalls and a wide range of trees, flowers and plants, nature is definitely the key-element in this fairy tale-like atmosphere. Not only do the sculptures add to the beauty of the place, but they also turn the Mexican jungle into a real work of art. The story behind the place, makes it even more mysterious and authentic.

A first look at Las Pozas would get anyone thinking, that the sculptures are actually the ruins of a castle and its garden. However, it was Edward James, who wanted everything to look exactly like it. From 1949 to 1984, the art collector and his guide, Plutarco Gastelum, gradually designed the garden. While Plutarco Gastelum prepared the jungle for the sculptures, James created columns, spiral stairs leading nowhere, doors made of stone, concrete flowers and other unique sculptures.

It took him over 35 years and over $5 million to create the entire art. Edward James sold his art collection at a private auction, in order to cover expenses. Its not clear, why would an art collector spend this ridiculous amount of money on a project. Apparently, James’ desire to bring his dream of Heaven to reality, was worth far more. Although, he was considered to be “crazier than all the Surrealists together” by fellow surrealist and crazy artist Salvador Dali, James managed to bring together nature and design, to create a truly heavenly place.

A man’s endless passion for surrealism, his imagination and over 150 employees, who made the sculptures, created a truly unforgettable masterpiece, that is worth visiting.

Location: Camino Paseo Las Pozas s/n, Barrio La Conchita, 79902 Xilitla, S.L.P., Mexico







Photo by dana/Flickr

Photo by dana/Flickr

The Secret Life of Edward James (1978): Presented by George Melly

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