Hormuz Island: Iran’s Colorful Island

Iran‘s Hormuz Island is celebrated for its colorful soil and unique rock formations. Hormuz Island’s blood red soil has been used for art projects and even a few culinary creations—including thin, crispy bread sprinkled with bright red dashes of dirt.

canvas of artists

Photo by ifpnews.com

The island’s otherworldly yellow, orange, red, and iridescent opal-like terrain has inspired countless artists. Dr. Ahmad Nadalian established a museum and gallery that showcases brightly colored artworks that mirror the many colors and textures of Hormuz Island. Dr. Nadalian routinely creates artwork in the island’s sand. Dr. Nadalian created a bike with tires that allows the rider to leave messages of peace in the sand as they cruise around the beach. Hormuz Island is a hiker’s paradise populated by unusual rocks that look like giant seashells, boulders made of gold, and mountains that look as though they were imported from Mars. The jagged, colorful rocks of Silence Valley will leave you speechless.

Hormuz island

Hormuz Island


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