The Traveler’s Guide – Five Ways to Enjoy your stay in Jumeirah

This article could start with an admonition for you to seize the opportunity in Jumeirah and invest in the real estate market. However, this website has come to an understanding that sometimes, you just want to have fun and enjoy your tour of one of the world’s prime luxury towns; and that is fine. Tour and enjoy, if you want more details on exploring investment options in the city, read on. This article is dedicated to all travel lovers!

Atlantis Hotel illuminated at night. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai United Arab Emirates
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How to Maximize Tours and Travel Trips

Are you out of ideas on how to make your trip most memorable, and most exciting? Don’t beat yourself up over the lack of inspiration, sometimes that happens, and you only need a bit of a nudge to kick off your creative inspiration. Thankfully, here comes that nudge. Check out five suggestions on how to enjoy your tour trip in Jumeirah, and indeed, anywhere in Dubai.

  • Pick a Central City 
View on Jumeirah Palm man-made island, Dubai, UAE

View on Jumeirah Palm man-made island, Dubai, UAE
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The reason why this is on the recommendation is dicey because preferences differ. Some people want the outskirt of the cities and prefer to stay far away from the noise. While some prefer to be in the middle of the action while they tour. Whichever category you fall into, it is important that you pick a central city – that is, a place that is not far from other key locations in the country/ city. This will help you enjoy your trip by preventing burnouts from traveling long distances to tour the other parts of the city. When you are in a central city, you can easily reach other areas, and not spend hours going from one end to another (that could be exhausting and may spoil your tour). In the context of this article, there is no gainsaying that Jumeirah is a central city in Dubai because you can easily reach other locations from there.

  • Choose the right lodge/accommodation 

Do you want to know the truth? You do not have to buy real estate in Jumeirah to have an amazing time in the city. You would be denying yourself by thinking that you need to own a condo or a villa to have the swell kind of experience which you have dreamed of. You don’t need to own a jack. You only need to pick the right apartment, accommodation, or hotel for your tour, and you will have an exhilarating experience.

Apartment buildings at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Apartment buildings at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai United Arab Emirates
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What then is the right apartment? It all depends on you, what you consider as elaborate enough, and how much you are willing to spend on housing during your stay. You can go for a fully-furnished holiday home and pay monthly (if you will be staying that long), or you may rent a villa, or pay for a resort/hotel room (thankfully, there are many of those in Jumeirah, and indeed all around the city). 

So, pick an apartment that speaks comfort and luxury, and the good life, something you would be happy to wake up in.

  • Have a To-Do List

Now, it is time for you to compile a To-Do List. When you are new in town, you may feel the pressure of having to decide where to go, when to go, and the thousand and one things that could go wrong on an improperly planned outing. Having a To-Do list beforehand saves you all of that trouble and worry. This list will be the start off point for your trip and will significantly ease your journey. You only have to check the list and see where to start, and how to get there. While on the outing, given the unique nature of Dubai, it is very likely that you will find something else that tickles your fancy and keeps you busy until the next few hours and it goes on and on. More so, a to-do list can help you plan your day and have direction. The good part is that you can research your to-do online by checking out all the amazing places in your planned location/community in Dubai – read more on the official website

  • Food is the gateway to heaven on earth

Let your tastebud get busy with the numerous Arab, Asian, and European servings at five-star hotels and Michelin-rated restaurants. If you love to eat, you are welcome to Dubai, a place where you can never run out of something to taste. From street food to fast food, down to the full course meals, you are implicated for a nice time. So, another pathway to enjoying your stay in Dubai is to be open to dining and wining.

  • Document Your Experience

Finally, the last step would be for you to document your experience and make sure there is something to look back on in the future. A good experience always leaves a mark. Even if you feel the trip is not as expected, save some photos, sometime later in the future, and you will be glad you did. 

Get off the Bed and Get Rolling

This is a special message for introverts reading this article. It was probably a tussle to get you to go on this trip. Your boss had to send you on a compulsory leave, and everyone in your family may have ganged to see that you booked your flight, and get on the plane. But now that you are in Dubai, stand up and make the best of it, and the best of it is off your bed! While there is definitely a place for resting and napping while on your trip, you should strive to spend more time outdoors, going places, visiting shows, seeing people, eating good food, etc. This is the key step to making the best of your journey and enjoying yourself. You will be glad you did. 

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