How To Travel Safely During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Traveling is one of the things that help a lot of us relax when we’re all burned out due to working all year. It is also essential in many other cases, like work or studies. In 2020, however, the way people travel changed quite drastically due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Because the virus spreads so easily when you come in contact with others, the transportation security administration in many countries restricted international movement altogether. But now that the situation has somewhat improved, people are starting to travel again. The virus is still very much at large, though, so whether it is for work or leisure, there are some important things you should keep in mind while taking a flight to keep yourself and others safe from the virus.

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How Traveling Helps

Before we talk about the things you should do to keep yourself and others safe during your trips, let’s see why people like to take such trips in the first place. The first and foremost reason is that it helps people unwind. When you are constantly stuck in the same routine day in and day out, getting out and going to a different place for a few days is all the break that you need. A change in scenery and trying out some new experiences is often enough for people to feel refreshed and motivated to come back and get back to their work.

Not only that, but it also opens you up to many new experiences. You meet different people, learn about new cultures, and discover new things about yourself. And if you’re worried about motivation to travel, then knowing how it can help you in your daily life will be of great use. These things are essential for a person to live a happy life, which is why it is so important to take a break from the monotony of your everyday life and visit a new place.

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Keep Your Trips Simple

The first coronavirus travel advice that you should adhere to is to keep all of your trips simple and straightforward. Don’t go on a world tour where you will be visiting many different countries or cities. Don’t go on trips that will require you to use many different means of transport. Try to book direct flights that employ enhanced cleaning procedures. The fewer rest stops or changes you make during your travels, the fewer people you’ll meet, the fewer frequently touched surfaces you’ll be likely to touch, and the fewer your chances of getting sick will be.

Also, you should know that many countries require a negative Covid-19 test before you can go there, so make sure that you have gotten tested before you buy your tickets.

Ensure Personal Hygiene

Of course, before anything else, you need to take care of your own hygiene. Wear a mask at all times, keep yourself away from high-touch surfaces, and wash your hands regularly. These things do take some willpower and practice to do, so try to make them a habit by consciously thinking about them whenever you go out. Having some sort of a mental checklist of things to do will go a long way in helping you follow these rules regularly.

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Choose The Right Lodging

If you are going somewhere you don’t have your own space to stay in, make sure that the room you book follows public health recommendations. It should have openable windows for air circulation, it ideally should not have any reported Covid-19 cases, and it should enforce its residents to wear masks. Almost every major American hotel, just like in other countries, is likely to also have a hand sanitizer in the room so that when you touch different things like light switches, for example, you can disinfect your hands right away.

Engage In Outdoor Activities

If you are going somewhere for vacation, then try to take part in more outdoor activities than indoor ones. The risk of getting the virus outdoors is lower due to the movement of air. You can also avoid touching contaminated objects when you’re outside. Taking a walk, hiking, or riding a bike are great activities where your safety will be easier to ensure.

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Follow Local Health Requirements

Other than following basic rules, make sure that you also see what the health departments in your destination have to say to travelers. One of the most significant rules to note is that many countries ask incoming passengers to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon their arrival to prevent the spread of the virus. If that is the case, then planning whether you’ll be lodging at hotels or at someone’s place is very important.

Going through some frequently asked questions about the Covid-19 pandemic will also give you a better insight into everyday tips. Of course, in these times, staying home is definitely the best thing to do but if you do have to take a trip, then be sure to check travel restrictions on health department websites.

Restrict Yourself To Flying

Airplanes follow strict rules for disease control these days so the chance of catching the virus on a flight is lower compared to other means of transport. If you cannot keep yourself away from travel, then try to do so via air only. Of course, you can also take your own car on the road if possible but you shouldn’t, for example, engage in cruise ship travel.

That is simply because the risk of getting the virus on a ship or even a train is higher than on a plane. Public transport is also not advisable as there are too many passengers in very close proximity and they don’t have to prove that they are not carrying the virus before they board a bus or a train.

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Follow the Basics At All Times

If you cannot stay at your place and decide to go on a trip, then just make sure to follow all of the basic guidelines that you follow whenever going outside. These include things like covering your mouth and nose, keeping a distance from others, carrying items like alcohol wipes to clean items, and not being too social. Social distancing is at the center of all the rules you should follow while around others, so always practice that wherever you are.


So, while travel during these times is not recommended for anyone, there are certainly ways to do it safely. Whether you are going to a different state or a different country, always follow the guidelines put forth by the local health department of where you’re going. Remember that there is no real medicine that you can bring along with yourself to keep yourself safe from the virus. All you can do is make sure to follow all the rules and regulations that have been developed and minimize the amount of travel you do.

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