Interested in Renting a Motorhome? Here’s What You Should Know

Are you planning a road trip soon? Do you dream of yourself behind the wheel of an RV, racing against the trees and mountains? Have you been picturing all the amazing sights you could see driving an RV? If this sounds like you, you’re probably wondering how you can rent an RV. Typically, renting an RV should be an exciting and rewarding travel experience. See, here’s the thing. RV travel combines comfort coupled with convenience all in one package. But to make your RV rental a success, there are several things you need to know. Factors like what type of RV to rent, the gas mileage to expect, and finding a campground, among others, matter a lot. Use the tips below to get the most of your first RV rental.

RV Rental

1. Understand the Different Types of RVs

Just like vehicles, there are different types of RVs. Each has its unique features and offers different services. Also, you need to know what features are ideal for you to determine what RV best suits your needs. To choose your RV, you can discover more here for your travel expedition. For example, the Class A Motorhome is a common type of RV. It’s the largest of the motorhome family. With this type of RV, you’ll travel and camp in luxury. Additionally, it offers more room than other RVs so you can enjoy your travel.

2. Book Ahead in Time

Planning ahead of time is crucial for any travel. Nothing will dampen your spirits quicker than finding out there’s no RV to rent during your planned travel time frame. When it comes to renting RVs, the demand is high compared to supply. This means you need to book one, months, or even up to a year in advance. Try and keep this in mind, especially if you plan to travel during the summer or holiday season.

3. Go for a Newer Model

Most people don’t think about how new something is when they’re renting it. The truth is, you need to change this mindset if you’re that type. Here’s a general rule when hiring an RV: new is always better. Avoid renting an old RV as it can cost you more in the long run. Most RV companies have promotional offers for renting units more than eight years old. As such, only go down this route if you’re aware of the risks.

4. Do You Want to Bring Your Vehicle Along?

If you do, consider a travel trailer. These come in different sizes: from the lovely rounded campers to RVs with a fifth wheel – the list is endless! It’s an excellent option if you want to drive in your car. However, ensure you’re well prepared to adjust to hauling (happens when you’re making turns). Additionally, you want to check your car’s towing capabilities before renting. The RV company can quickly inspect your car to determine if it can navigate well on roads with a trailer attached to it.

5. Booking Campsites

Booking RV campsite

So, you have your RV in place. Now, this is one of the many steps you’ll need to fulfill. Next, you need to book campsites instead of hotels. Generally, there are different levels of RV campsites. They range from bare-bones ones that only offer a place to park to luxury campsites. The latter have lake views, stylish pools, and even golf courses. Typically, the average RV camp ranges from $30 – $55 per night. If you choose a luxurious campsite, the price can go well over $100 per night, especially when campsites are high in demand.

6. Understand RV Fees

Besides the general cost of renting an RV, there are other costs you need to know about:

Most RV companies require you to put down a deposit upfront.
You’ll need insurance for your trip. For instance, if you’ll be traveling out of state, there are extra fees.
Most RV companies provide extra services at a cost, such as kitchenware, generators, linens, among others.

7. Driving an RV is Different from Driving the Average Car

Ensure you’re comfortable driving an RV before you rent one. To test your skills, visit a dealership near you and hire one for a few hours to test yourself. You can also take one at an RV rental company – they’ll need to know you’re comfortable driving one before renting.

There you have it! You’re now ready to get on the road! Try and enjoy your RV renting experience. Sometimes, you’ll discover you love an RV and end up buying your own to keep the memories going. RV renting is the best way to figure out if RVing is good for you. While it’s not the cheapest way to travel, it gives you the chance to go for a vacation differently than you’re used to. Enjoy!

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