Kjeragbolten: Top Hiking Destination in Norway

Located in Southern Norway, Kjeragbolten is a hikers dream come true. This place is hard to miss. A massive boulder, lodged in a mountain fissure is probably the most photographed rock in Norway.

The place is popular for BASE jumping and of course, for photos. The nearest town to this destination is Lysebotn, which is about 15 min drive. From Oslo, visitors can fly to Stavanger, then drive to the starting place of the Kjeragbolten hike. The starting place of the hike is Ygardstøl. Some choose to make it a nice road trip and drive from Oslo to Lysebotn. Most people prefer to stay in Stavanger before starting this hike. The journey from Stavanger to the car park takes about two and a half hours. Since the driving journey is picturesque, most people do not prefer using the ferry.

Kjeragbolten hike should only be attempted during the summer. Usually, during the winter, the road is closed because of snow, which also covers the trails. Hiking and glamping this time of the year can be dangerous.

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