Little Island: New York City’s Mini Park

New York City has long been celebrated as a haven for art and innovation. New York City’s Little Island—which is situated on a series of bulbous piles on the Hudson River—is the Big Apple’s latest creative masterpiece. Little Island is a mini park which features trees and flowers galore, a stage for performing artists, and delectable treats ranging from craft cocktails to hamburgers.

Little Island Park

Photo by Timothy Schenck via

Little Island features a rotating cast of performers including ballet dancers, mimes, and acoustic guitarists. Visitors can attend an outdoor lecture or a musical performance virtually every day of the week. Little Island‘s open air amphitheater offers some of the most breathtaking views in New York City. Performance artists sing, dance, and recite Shakespeare flanked by the Hudson River.

Little Island is as close as you can get to visiting a forest within New York City limits. The small park is covered with different types of trees which allow Little Island visitors to take a breath, enjoy some shade, and escape the frantic pace of the city. Little Island also features numerous flowers which add splashes of color to the park’s landscape.

Due to Little Island‘s diminutive size, the park does require timed reservations for afternoon and evening visits. Reservations are free and allow guests to spend as long as they like enjoying everything that Little Island has to offer. Little Island may be small, but every square inch is packed with things to see, do, or eat and drink. Little Island may be Central Park’s little, little cousin—but New York’s smallest park is steadily becoming its most popular outdoor space. Little Island took several years to build, but it is clear that New York City—which is home to some of the most famous buildings and parks in the world—has a lovely new jewel in its crown.


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