Ynys Llanddwyn: the island of mystery, legends and love

A lot of people love to travel, but some of them travel for love. If you are eager to find love bound places all over the world, then Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn) in Wales is a must see place.

Located in North Wales, United Kingdom, Lladdwyn Island is the tidal island, and part of much more extensive, Anglesey Island. It is part of the National Nature Reserve and has Snowdonia National Park as background. So, it’s no surprise that the island beauty is magical. But, the real magic is hidden in local legends.

The name of an island Llanddwyn means “The church of St.Dwynwen”. King Brychan Brycheiniog‘s daughter Dwywen, is the Welsh Patron Saint of Love. Basically, counterpart of St.Valentine, Dwywen lived in 5th century. She fell in love with Maelon, but for some reason, she turned him down. The legend has several versions. One version states that she was raped by Maelon, while other version claims that her father didn’t approve of Maelon. Either way, the consequence is the same. Dwynwen prayed for solution and an angel appeared to her, who gave her a potion. After drinking this position Maelon turned into ice. Then, Dwynwen prayed again and made three requests: Maelons release, through her God save all true lovers and she never marries.

‘A Galactic Congregation’ – Llanddwyn Island
Photo by Kris Williams/Flickr

In the 16th century, Welsh built a chapel on Llanddwyn, devoted to St Dwynwen. The chapel was in the island’s centre. The remains are still on the island, and they represent one of the main sites on the island.

The best time to visit Llanddwyn Island is at the end of January, since the locals celebrate St. Dwynwen’s day on 25 January. Also, visit Tŵr Mawr lighthouse and Cross, The Celtic Cross and Pillot’s cottage.

Coordinates: 53°08′15″N 04°24′45″W

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