Null Stern Hotel: The hotel without a single star, as well as walls and a roof

The Alpine region of Switzerland is home to a beautiful group of mountains and gorges. There are a lot of hotels in the area, that offer an unforgettable stay. Bur, what is more unique, than having a 360 degree panoramic view of nature.
Swiss concept artists and creators of Null Stern Hotel, Frank and Patrik Riklin argue, that in order to experience the beauty of the Alps, you need to stay with them alone. That’s why Null Stern Hotel is located right in the Swiss Alps.
Null Stern translates as zero star. So, there are no stars, that equal the quality in a regular hotel. Rather, in a Null Stern a visitor is the only star, to whom a quality service is provided. The hotel “room” consists of a comfy double bed and two nightstands. Yes, you heard it right. There are no walls, no ceiling, no door and a window: Just a starry sky and gorgeous mountains. However, there is a butler, who provides a room service. There is a cabin for staff nearby and a bathroom as well.
Currently, there are three open air rooms at different locations. Stump Suite is located in Wildhaus at 3799 feet above sea level. It is a bed under the old large trees, that provide a breez and housing for birds.
Schwendi Suit is located at a bottom of Churfirsten mountain, at 3910 feet above sea level. Breathtaking scenery of lakes and hills.
Burst Suite is located the highest at 4002 feet above sea level. The suit overlooks the Toggenburg and Rhine valleys and Churfirsten mountain. All of the rooms come with a back up place to stay, just in case of the bad weather.
While visitors are eager to experience the Null Stern Hotel in the alps, keep in mind that there is a long waiting list. However, the Riklin brothers are planning to expand and open around 20other open-air rooms across Switzerland.

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