Omega Mart: Meow Wolf’s Bizarro Las Vegas Grocery Store

A Santa Fe-based art collective called Meow Wolf spent over a decade carefully constructing a bizarro grocery store just off the Las Vegas strip called Omega Mart. Omega Mart is a sprawling art installation that takes the concept of a standard run-of-the-mill grocery store and turns it on its head. If you have been searching for a tattooed chicken, a flower display with eyes, or a package of Lonely Hiker-Flavored Wolf Food—the surreal merchandise lining the shelves of Omega Mart will fulfill all of your shopping needs.

One of these refrigerators is not like the others.

One of these refrigerators is not like the others. | Photo Courtesy of Kate Russell

Meow Wolf is a collective of over 300 artists who create visual art, music, and uncanny storylines. Legendary music producer, composer, and ambient musician Brian Eno helped create Omega Mart’s in-house soundtrack. If you feel the need to purchase some Pidgeon Mousse Gruel for your cat, or some human-scented deodorant so that your favorite alien pal can travel among humans incognito, you’re in luck. Many of the curious products on Omega Mart’s shelves are for sale, just as they would be at your corner grocery store.

Food to feed your cats and wolves

Food to feed your cats and wolves. | Photo Courtesy of Kate Russell

The Omega Mart experience includes several fantastical storylines. An interdimensional mega corporation called DramCorp controls Omega Mart, and is steadily taking over the surrounding desert. Several characters—including a trio of sisters—attempt to curtail DramCorp’s influence. Omega Mart is divided into various otherworldly landscapes that are a far cry from what you would normally see at your friendly neighborhood grocer. Many of Omega Mart’s floors, walls, and ceilings feature splashes of vibrant neon color. Each room features audio and video content that helps visitors get a sense of the dimension that they are currently passing through.

Slide around in the multi-level Dramcorp factory.

Slide around in the multi-level Dramcorp factory. Photo: Omega Mart

Omega Mart is the ideal destination for travelers who wish to storm Area 51. AREA15—which houses Omega Mart and features other glorious artworks such as a bamboo volcano and several Burning Man sculptures—may very well be the closest a human can get to being transported to another dimension populated by extraterrestrial beings. If you have ever suspected that the beer cooler at your favorite grocery store is unstuck in time, Meow Wolf happily confirms your suspicions with an Omega Mart cold drink display that serves as the entry point to an alternate world. After visiting Omega Mart, an uneventful trip to the grocery store will never be the same. You will forever be on the lookout for Zalgitos Restaurant Style Chips, Omegaroni, and shredded Zalg, What exactly is Zalg? Your guess is as good as mine.

Omega mart fridge

Drink the blue whiskey cocktail... if you dare.

Drink the blue whiskey cocktail… if you dare. | Photo courtesy of Laurent Velazquez

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