The Eyes of God – Prohodna Cave, Bulgaria

Prohodna Cave is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bulgaria. It is known for its stunning sights, with ethereal rays of light beaming through symmetrical holes on the cave ceiling. The name itself can be loosely translated as “Thoroughfare Cave” or “Passage Cave”, due to there being two entrances at opposite ends of the cave. Prohodna Cave is notably the most famous out of the cave-filled Bulgaria, since it has two symmetrical holes found on the ceiling of the cave that could have been caused naturally due to erosion. Sometimes, water trails down these holes signifying a pair of crying eyes.

The Eyes of God, Prohodna Cave

The Eyes of God, Prohodna Cave
Photo by Emil Vasev

The cave earned its nickname ‘The Eyes of God’ because of the light that would flood through the two circles which make them appear as a pair of ominous, glowing eyes that can be seen from either entrance of the cave. Ironically enough, this is also sometimes known as the Eyes of the Devil. This amazing view has also been seen in local popular culture as the background in the film Time of Violence. Historically though, Prohodna Cave has been known to have been inhabited by prehistoric civilisations. However, there is still much to be studied to find out if the cave was used as a form of residence or a site for ancient rituals.

Prehodna Cave, Bulgaria

Prehodna Cave, Bulgaria

Today, the cave is mainly used as a tourist attraction for both nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. The Big Entrance is known as a popular site for bungee jumping. Mostly, travellers would come to get a closer look of the unique sight of the Eyes of God, as it has been shown through various travel photos found across the web.

Those, who enjoy the extreme outdoors will especially enjoy a trip here, and it’s advisable to wear appropriate hiking books as the surface can get a little rocky. Nevertheless, it’s a fairly easy hike towards either entrance. A good amount of rock climbing can also be done here.

Prohodna cave

cave Prohodna, Bulgaria

Photo by Eddie

'The eyes of God'

'The eyes of God'

the Eyes of God

The good thing about Prohodna is that it’s easily accessible. It’s just a drive away from Karlukovo Village and Sofia and can be accessed via a convenient pathway from the Peter Tranteev National Speleological Society office building. There are ample parking spaces found near the small entrance as well. For overnight stays, there’s also a Mountain Hostel available for lodgings, which visitors can reserve in advance before going. Overall a trip to Prohodna will be a fairly easy one for beginner hikers or those less on the extreme side, no guide is required to explore the cave and its open all year round. However, visitors are asked to practice some caution over icicles that may form during the colder months, it’s always best to check on the weather conditions before visiting if you plan to come towards the later part of the year.

So, if you’re in Bulgaria for a visit and have a knack for nature and hiking, your visit is definitely incomplete until you stop at Prohodna Cave.

Coordinates: 43.1750, 24.0739


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