Sahara El Beyda: A Natural Desert View That’s Worth Millions

Sahara el Beyda is definitely not a desert you’d like to get lost into. This seemingly surreal place makes it so easy for anyone to dive into illusion. It almost seems like a trap designed by nature.

Located about 45 miles from the town of Farafra, Egypt, the White Desert used to be nothing more than a sea-bed. Millions of years ago, a place, that now has record high temperatures used to be the bottom of the sea.

Slowly, but surely, the water level started to drop. So, marine vegetation and underwater creatures had gone to extinction as well. What stayed though, are giant pieces of chalk rock, that still proudly stand today. Each one has a unique shape, that could be admired for hours.

Of course, a simple look at these rocks proves how time and nature can change everything. From the pressure of the sea to the sand storms taking over the deserts now, the soft parts of the rocks were eroded. What we see today is the result of millions of years of nature trying to find its balance again and again.

Tourists, who want to visit the desert can travel by camel for more traditional experience.

Location: Farafra, Egypt

Image Credit Flickr User walidhassanein

Photo by David/Flickr

Photo by Rob/Flickr

Photo by David/Flickr

Photo by gyst/Flickr

Photo by gyst/Flickr


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