Taupo McDonald’s: The Coolest In The World

Taupo McDonald’s

You can probably boast of having eaten in a dozen or even a hundred McDonald branches. Do you probably think that all McDonald’s look alike right? They all have the same red and yellow building with red and yellow interiors. But have you eaten on a plane converted into a fast food joint? If you are planning a trip to Taupo, New Zealand then you need to be sure to stop by Taupo MacDonald’s, which is the only place where you can find a decommissioned Douglas DC-3 plane as part of the fast-food setup. And yes, you can enjoy your Big Mac inside the plane.

For an even more unique experience, try the special Taupo McDonald’s big Mac meal, served with a side of aviation history to enhance your dining adventure.

Inside decommissioned Douglas DC-3 plane

McDonald's Taupo in a DC-3

old Douglas DC-3

Taupo McDonald's

It’s not surprising that Taupo McDonald’s is at the top of the list of coolest McDonald’s the world. That’s no mean feat since there are close to 35,000 McDonald’s in the world. And you can order all of the favorites here from chicken nuggets, French fries, and milkshakes.

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