The Beauty of Adelaide. Best Place to Live, Study, or Spend Vacations

Australia is home to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Adelaide. This renowned city is the nation’s 5th most populous, having a resident populace of over 1.3 million in 2018. Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia. It’s also the go-to option for both tourists and students, thanks to amazing sites, world-class universities, and lower living costs.

Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia

Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia

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Why Study in Adelaide

Many scholars find themselves asking, “Why study in Adelaide?”. Here are the top reasons you should consider studying in Adelaide.

Low Cost of Living

Adelaide is the city with the lowest cost of living in Australia, making it a great fit for international students. It’s at least 21% cheaper to live here than in Melbourne or Sydney. Staying in this city means cheaper rents, lower food prices, and more savings for you to explore the city’s attractions during your free time.

Employment Opportunities

A common question on many international pupils about this Australian city is, “Are there good intern or part-time jobs available in Adelaide for students?“. If you want to study and work or take on an internship opportunity, then studying in Adelaide is the ideal solution. Multiple firms and agencies provide students with the chance to intern or work part-time while learning.

World-Class Learning Institutions

This city is home to multiple renowned educational institutions. Citadel of learning such as the University of Adelaide, Finders University, Torrens University, Kathleen Lumley College, and more are renowned globally for offering the highest standards of education across all disciplines. Graduating students from its educational institutions have a high chance of employment thanks to the excellent global reputation colleges and universities in the area enjoy.

Best Places to Live in Adelaide

● North Adelaide
● Black Forest
● Kensington
● Seacliff
● Glenelg
● Henley Beach
● North Brighton
● Semaphore

Why You Should Live Here

Healthy Environment

Healthcare amenities in the suburbs of Adelaide are of the highest standards. Pollution is also at its lowest levels thereby making this city one of the healthiest in the world. Adelaide ranks in the top list of healthiest cities in the world in multiple expert and agency pools. Health is a crucial factor in learning, and with its excellent and reliable healthcare resources, Adelaide is extremely appealing as a learning destination.

Amazing Transport System

This city features a transport system that offers multiple conducive methods of travel. There are trains, trams, and free buses around the area. A highlight for many international students is this city’s integrated system, an extensive transport network service connecting the suburbs and all parts of the city. The roads are motorable, and hold adventures and excitement for both drivers and cyclists.

Places to Visit in Adelaide During Vacations

Cafés and Restaurants

Adelaide has an amazing number of cafés and restaurants, despite their quantity the quality of food is topnotch. You’ll have the opportunity to delight your taste buds with both local and international cuisines. There’s always a restaurant ready to whip up a delicacy, for even the pickiest of palates.


Explore Rundle Mall, Westfield Marion, and more to find amazing products. You can find multiple stores within your budget or tastes, as the city is home to multiple high-end outlets and local retailers. You can take a stroll down the streets to find a wide variety of products that will appeal to you.


You can visit the wine regions of this city to enjoy exquisite wine-tasting activities. If you want a dose of beautiful nature, you can consider a trip to one of its many beaches, zoos, parks, and gardens. Or maybe you thirst for a sprinkle of culture and history, information that would come in handy for that essay or research papers? Then visiting the national museum would make a thrilling day for you.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes will love the sports arena such as the Adelaide Oval. This city is buzzing with exciting places and attractions for individuals, couples, and families.

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide Cool Facts

Here is a list of Adelaide cool facts you should know about.

● One of the top 10 most healthy cities in the world;
● Lowest median capital city rent in the nation;
● The Central Market in Adelaide produces the largest quantity of fresh fish in the southern hemisphere.
● Highest cafés and restaurants to residents ratio in Australia;
● Adelaide is one of the top 30 student-friendly cities in the world in 2019 according to research from QS Best Student Cities.

Final Thoughts

Many people regard Adelaide as the pride of Australia. This reputation isn’t that far fetched considering how the city positively brings the nation to the global spotlight. Adelaide is a perfect study, living, or vacation destination, thanks to top-notch universities and colleges, high quality of life at low cost, job opportunities, social amenities, and the multitude of intriguing sights, scenery, and attractions in the city.


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