The best places to go on a boat holiday

Getting ready to go on holiday again? There are so many package holiday choices out there, but with everyone flocking back to the tourist resorts, things can get a little crowded and a little competitive – particularly when it comes to the sunbeds!

A boating holiday offers a unique break away from the tourist crowds, while enabling you to see more destinations that you thought possible. It’s easy to hire a boat like those on the following link, in which there’s something to suit everyone.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to go on a boating holiday that you couldn’t explore on a regular holiday and that will get you away from the tourist crowds.

San Francisco, USA

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Photo by Udo S/Flickr

Located in the sunshine state, San Francisco offers a wealth of experiences to any traveler that visits. From a rich variety of wildlife to vibrant art scenes, a rich cultural heritage and some of the greenest spaces for a city.

Many travelers often don’t realise that San Francisco is full of an array of secret and picturesque bays that you can only easily access by boat. To make the most of this city, why not hire a sailing boat and explore the bay area, up to the Sacramento Delta where the waters are calm, and the fishing is great.

There’s also a variety of other watersports you can do from the boat in San Francisco, including water skiing and paddle boarding.

Rhodes, Greece

Also known as the ‘Island of Legends’, Rhodes is incredibly popular for boating holidays. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, Rhodes has a mild climate year-round and is surrounded by 159 other islands that make up the Dodecanese archipelago.

Those opting to explore Rhodes by boar will have over 220 km of coastline to explore while being able to avoid the crowds during those peak summer months. The island itself has so much to offer with many ancient ruins and rich cultural heritage sites, a lively nightlife, an array of excursions and some of the best diving on offer.

Some of the best sites that are a bucket list must when in Rhodes include Rhodes City, the medieval village of Lindos and Butterfly valley.

Venice, Italy

Perhaps the most famous of water destinations, Venice has a world class reputation for the crystal-clear canals that meander through the city. With its fine gothic architecture, elaborate bridges and welcoming residents, Venice is one of the most romantic boating getaways you could find.

Those renting their own boats will need to brush up on the ‘road rules’ as Venice’s waterways are the main form of transportation around the city so it can get busy. Some of the top sites to visit include:

  • Doge’s Palace
  • Canal Grande
  • Basilica di San Marco
  • Teatro La Fenice
  • Campanile di San Marco

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is one of the most important port cities in Europe and was designed for boats from the get-go. Featuring the Elbe River, Alster Lake and a maze of intricate canals across the city, there’s an endless amount of places you can explore by boat.

For those that appreciate fine architecture, the city is rich with fine neoclassical buildings and 17th century red-brick houses. While luxury harbor tours can be very expensive, hiring your own boat makes for a great adventure as you can work your way through the city at your own leisure. Visitors will also get the chance to view some of the ports historic ships and enormous container ships before going ashore to visit the lively but historic fish market.

There’s simply no better way to explore Hamburg.

Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil

Photo by Leo D/Flickr

As a small fishing town on Brazil’s Costa Verde, Party is one of the lesser-known locations for tourists to visit. Unspoiled by mass tourism, Paraty is made up of colonial Portuguese white buildings with traditional blue shutters, nestled in the picturesque backdrop of the rainforest covered mountains.

While it’s surrounded on all sides by steep mountains that make it challenging to visit by land, Paraty has some of the calmest sandy white coves in Brazil. Guests hoping to stay in the town can find a variety of historic accommodations, in addition to a couple of modern and well-established hotels.

Horizontal Falls, Australia

For those up for an adventure further afar, Horizontal falls in Australia offers some of the most breathtaking views. Nestled in remote Western Australia, the area is subject to a rare phenomenon where the tide ebbs and flows around the rock. As a result, an enormous amount of water pours through the tight spaces in the rocks, creating some stunning waterfalls.

The closest airport is Broome International in which visitors can either find a tour operator or for the most adventurous of explorers, you can hire your own boat.

Overall, there are some places across the globe that are best explored by boat. For those seeking a little extra adventure and a way to escape the tourist crowds, hiring a boat offers complete freedom and flexibility as you navigate uncharted waters and discover some of the world’s best kept secret coves.

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