The Last Bookstore: A Sanctuary for Bibliophiles in a Former Bank

Many book enthusiasts dream of storing their valuable collections in a secure bank vault rather than a regular bookshelf, though not many see this aspiration come to life. The Last Bookstore, a prominent Los Angeles bookstore bearing a name rich in symbolism, resides in the majestic atrium of a former bank, allowing it to fulfill this dream.

Remnants of the old bank, including its marble pillars and towering ceiling, still exist, only now they serve as a backdrop to rows of bookshelves and artistic exhibits of books, replacing the former patrons and safeguarded piles of money.

Contrary to a perception of everything being brand-new and gleaming, The Last Bookstore, which was established in 2005 by Josh Spencer, actually specializes in reasonably priced second-hand books. The store takes immense pleasure in offering a collection of well-preserved vintage books. Anyone who has ever admired a vintage book will appreciate the rich, unique scent that fills the air in this hallowed space.

Seemingly to emphasize the allure of chaos, the bookstore has bookshelves scattered haphazardly across its premises. Custom sculptures have been constructed from excess or damaged copies, adding to the store’s charm. They even have concealed corners like the old bank vault, where books are displayed with a playful wink.

Hardcover books are arranged by color in one section, while most of the fiction is purposely unsorted, creating an environment for shoppers to embark on literary treasure hunts. In essence, every square inch of the bookstore is crafted to enchant book lovers, and it invariably accomplishes its mission.

453 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, California, 90013
United States

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