Under Restaurant: Exploring Norway Above and Beyond

Viking legends, breathtaking mountain views and modern lifestyle make Norway one of the top destinations in Europe. For the past few years, the country became even more popular, due to its architectural masterpieces. Apparently, the beauty of this land inspires architects worldwide to design unique, seemingly surreal spots. The Under restaurant; a man made marvel surrounded by the sea, is beyond imagination.

From distance, the construction looks like a giant concrete block, that partially sunk into the sea. But, it will be one of the most exquisite restaurants in Norway. Just as its name suggests, Under aims to offer its clients a unique dining experience, over 16 feet below sea level.

As the largest underwater restaurant in the world (and the first one of its kind in Europe), the expectations for the location are high, but it might even exceed them. Located in Spangereid, Lindesnes, Southern Norway, the restaurant is built in a minimalistic style. Visitors will enter the restaurant from the shore and descend underwater.

While enjoying their delicious meals, visitors will observe a breathtaking view of the Skagerrak sea, magically lit by natural light. The view will only be interrupted by local marine life: lobsters, seals and giant cod, as they swim across the glass wall. Although, the natural beauty of the area is stunning as it is, the team of architects and engineers still used a few tricks to enhance visitors’ experience. For example, the plankton and cod are attracted to the glass wall, by using special lightning, smell or sounds.

But views aren’t the only thing Under brags about; after all, it is a restaurant and taste remains the main focus. Previously acclaimed for running the gourmet restaurant Maltid in Kristiansand, head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen will makes sure, that every dish lives up to the most pretentious diners expectations.

Considering its architecture, views and cuisine, Under will likely be on the list of many travelers and food enthusiasts, from all over the globe. It will be open in April,2019, so be sure to make a reservation for a grand opening.

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