Unique Nature Adventures: An Oregon Travel Guide

If you’re the type of nature and adventure junkie who enjoys being one with nature when you travel, then the state of Oregon should make it on your bucket list. It’s the perfect mix and match of everything you might be looking for in a nature trip. One moment, you’re facing the high desert, and the next, you’re welcomed to towering and misty forests.

Take a quick search of photos of Oregon, and you’re sure to understand why it’s been aptly labeled as one of the world’s best outdoor playgrounds. If you’re planning a trip to this state, then you have to pack and prepare for all sorts of outdoor activities to match.

Are you ready to get started with your unique nature adventure in Oregon? Here’s a travel guide that’ll take you to the best Oregon hiking trails, campsites, and many more:

View of Cannon Beach in Oregon with Haystack Rock in the background

Visit The Beautiful Cannon Beach

In between days of hiking and highly-physical adventure activity, you may want to take a day to relax. You can do this through a visit to the beautiful Cannon Beach. It boasts of its four-mile-long white, sandy beach. Then, there’s the iconic Haystack Rock that rises 235-feet high out of the water.

If you love to enjoy a good sunset, the view at Cannon Beach won’t disappoint. When the sun sets, the reflection appears on the rocks. It’s like a surreal painting that has come to life.

Go On A Bandon Beach Fat Bike Ride

For the beach lovers out there, your day at Cannon Beach may not yet be enough. Don’t fret as there’s more. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is in Oregon: the Bandon Beach. Going on a fat bike ride along the Bandon Beach is an excursion in itself. The rugged terrain will give you a test of endurance and wits.

When you’re biking along Bandon Beach, you actually have quite a view of the Pacific Ocean. You can pedal across sloping dunes, crashing dunes, and towering rock formations.

Take A Half Day Columbia River Waterfall And Gorge Hiking Tour

Rivers and waterfalls—there are tons for you to visit in Oregon. One of the best is the Columbia River gorge. Spanning a rocky side of 80 miles, the Columbia River gorge brings you to one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. Just imagine being in a waterfall with century-old trees and flowers as its backdrop. It’s like a scene straight out of a postcard.

Majestic View of Mt. Hood on a bright, sunny day during the summer months.

Join A Willamette Valley Wine Tour

Who says nature activities have to be highly physical? If you aren’t confident enough to consistently go on a long mountain hike or if you have physically-challenged travelers in your family, then you can opt to have some easy days, too. Apart from basking in the sun on the beach, another option is to go on a wine tour.

In Oregon, you can visit the Willamette Valley Wine Tour, which is just one hour away from the metro area of Portland. During your tour, you can hop in a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz while you listen to a fun tour from your guides.

Visit The Crater Lake National Park

So, you’ve got mountains, falls, the beach, and a valley covered. How’s the thought of taking your Oregon adventure up a notch higher sound for you? You can do this by visiting a volcano crater lake at the aptly named Crater Lake National Park.

Many years back, Mount Mazama in Oregon erupted. This caused the collapse of the mountain’s summit. Today, Crater Lake is the United States’ deepest lake. Unlike other lakes, the color gives off a breathtakingly deep blue color. This comes from how thousands of years of rain and snow have filled the Crater Lake as it is.

Go Surfing At The Oswald West State Park

Yes, you read that right—you can also go surfing in Oregon. The gorgeous coastline of the Oswald West State Park is actually a surfer’s paradise. If you love to go surfing, you can finally experience riding the waves of the Pacific at Oswald West State Park. The local Oregonians nickname this beach Shorty’s as reaching the shore can be achieved even through a short walk in the forest.


Oregon may not be as popular as the other states in America to visit for a holiday, but it’s still one that’s worth visiting. Especially if you’re an adventure buff, then Oregon will be one you’ll be glad to visit. Oregon gives you the best of what nature has to offer as you may not even see a single skyscraper at all. The list above should be more than enough for you to get giddy about your Oregon adventure. Now, all you have to do is to get packing.


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