Unique Tours for Students in China That Make Your Blood Run Cold

The routine of every student in the world can be boring. Otherwise, they wouldn’t look for someone to order paper online to cope with academic pressure. There is something able to blend that boredom of young people for sure. It’s traveling. Moreover, taking a trip to some special places in China will bring you emotions and impressions impossible to get anywhere else on the planet.

China is a country full of ancient traditions and impressive facts to say about the locals. It is always exciting to visit China even if you don’t have any extreme plans in your mind. After the Covid-19 pandemic goes down, students are strictly recommended to order some academic assistance from reliable helpers and to use the additional free time to see as many Chinese places of interest as possible.

However, China has a lot to offer to you if you are not a regular student as well. Here, you can find unusual places made mysterious by nature itself. The legends told by people then added some fearful details to those sites. And here they are.

Mount Kailash: Is it Natural?

The Earth is full of amazingly beautiful but mysterious places that attract every traveler’s attention. Mount Kailash, situated in the south of the Tibetan Plateau and being a part of Chinese territory, definitely is one of such sites. Translated from Tibetan, the word “Kailash” means “The Gemstone of Snows”.

The mountain is the highest peak of its system of Trans-Himalayas. Kailash is about 6,638 meters high. Although, the exact height info may vary a bit.

The Kailash mountain has its slopes as the source of the four largest Indian rivers. Those are Indus, its tributary Sutlej, and two Ganges tributaries named Brahmaputra and Karnali.

The exploration of Kailash is complicated due to its remoteness and height. The slopes hide multiple secrets, unconfirmed theories, and unexpected wonders waiting for someone brave and lucky enough to discover and research them.

Explorers conducted multiple attempts to reach the very top of the mountain, but all of them failed. The reasons were different, but the root of all failures was the same: expeditions just couldn’t get the required permission from either the UN, Chinese officials, Dalai Lama, or local pilgrims creating live obstacles for travelers.

Actually, the mount itself looks really mysterious. The sloped edges of the Kailash mountain are directed strictly towards four main points of the compass, so some scientists suppose it to be an ancient pyramid built by either human or alien mind and hand. They say smaller mountains create the entire system under Kailash for it to be that high.

In turn, geologists say the mountain’s shape was caused by water and wind erosion within centuries. They also state the peak itself appeared under the sea level, and the tectonic shifts then made it reach the current height along with other young Himalayan peaks.

Poyang Lake: The Devil’s Triangle, but Chinese

The Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater storage in China. And locals can tell you many terrifying stories about it.

Within the last three decades, up to two thousand people sank in Poyang. Those who were lucky enough to survive shipwrecks lost their minds after.

Near the Laoi temple on the northern shore of the lake, 13 fishing boats were lost on the same day, August 3, 1985. None fisherman made it through alive. The officials and private expeditions made multiple attempts to reveal the boats or fishermen’s bodies, but nobody found anything till the present day.

Here is another, older story. The Japanese military boat sank in the lake in 1945. Twenty crew members died. After the military officials sent the diver squad to locate the boat and get it out of the water, all the divers got missing but one. That man who made it back to the lakeside spent a few days in shock with a fear mask on his face. Soon after, he simply got a mental disorder.

There are many more terrifying and mysterious episodes possible to reveal about Poyang Lake. Will you have enough courage to reach it now when you know a bit more?

Mount Everest: The Top of the World

No list of Chinese mysteries can be called complete without it. Mount Chomolungma, which Europeans and Americans also known as Everest, is the highest point a human can reach on foot on our entire planet. Nowadays, the main peak reaches 8,848 meters in height. Moreover, the mountain is continuously growing.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll ask some pro to help with troublesome tasks and decide to go to the Earth’s peak myself. Up to five hundred brave people try to reach the peak of this mountain every year. A lot of them face strange and even mystic things on the way to the dream of every mountaineering enthusiast. A lot of them state they’ve seen ghosts during their expeditions.

Every climbing enthusiast is bound to believe in the spirits of Everest, and all of them remember and sincerely honor those who didn’t make it back from that dangerous hike.

Within the known history period, several thousand mountaineers died trying to conquer Everest. Nobody ever found most of their bodies. And very few tourists actually think how many iced corpses lay there, under the snow covering the slopes of the peak of the world.

The World’s Most Dangerous Trail

One of the most terrifying places in the world is not far from Huayin city. The spot is the Mount Hua plank trail put through the vertical slope of the mountain and leading travelers directly to the peak. If you decide to visit this place, think twice: the trail is literally made of thick wooden planks hanging on metal pins in the mountain cliff high above any surface. The key point is nothing looking like railing throughout the entire trail.

Still, locals will provide you with the required safety gear for 30 yens. The result of a short risky trip will please you for sure: it’s a beautiful Dao temple expecting everyone on the other side of the abyss.


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