Where to have the Perfect Sailing Vacation

If you’re looking for a holiday that gives you memories that will last a lifetime, you should consider a yacht charter holiday. It’s the ideal way to spend your vacation with your loved ones, whether they are family or friends – on your own private yacht or catamaran!  Away from the masses, away from any viruses, away from the noise and stress of the usual resort holidays!

A holiday aboard a chartered boat is an excellent way to spend a vacation if you enjoy being away from it all, being on the ocean, and being in nature.  There is nothing quite like spending your holiday cruising around the Mediterranean and stopping at some of the stunning ports of call that are located on the many different island chains that are spread out over the region.  The best places to go depends on what time of year you want to go.

When is the best time to sail in the Caribbean?

Aside from the Mediterranean, the Caribbean is another popular tourist destination that sees tens of thousands of visitors year. It’s not at all surprising that the majority of holidaymakers head to this particular location during the European winter months. If a trip to the Caribbean is in the works, travellers should steer clear of the region between the months of June and November, which is typically when a large number of hurricanes strike the region.  The busiest time of year is from December to April, and the months of April and May are excellent choices for your vacation – you’ll get the best prices throughout these two months, and still have favourable weather conditions.

When is the best time to sail in the Med?

You can sail most of the year in the Mediterranean, but you’ll get the best results if you set sail in either June or September – when it’s hot but not too hot, and busy but not too busy!  The European season peaks in July and August, in both heat and numbers of people, but is relatively calm either side.  

Croatia, Greece and the Italian islands all have superb sailing infrastructure – with plenty of marinas, anchorages and tavernas to go around!  

When is the best time to sail the Seychelles

The Seychelles are one of the most popular sailing destinations, and you can choose to go at any time of the year!  These islands have brilliant weather all year round, which is one of the reasons why tourists that swarm to this island from January all the way through to December. Probably April and October are the months with the least amount of activity, between the seasons. If you want to go scuba diving while you’re there, the best months to go are April and October, because during those months the water is rather calm and you can go on deeper dives.


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