Whimsical Dr. Seuss House in Alaska


Located in Willow, Alaska, this peculiar structure is referred to by locals as the “Dr. Suess House.” It’s one of America’s architectural wonders. And you can see why…


The original owner worked on it extensively for 10 years before he died. Then it sat abandoned for 10 years until a new owner purchased it and has started renovations.



The story behind it is that the owner originally built the house with a view of Denali/Mt. McKinley. He happened to build it right after a forest fire though, so the trees were all short, new growth. As time progressed, his view was impeded, and he would build another level, eventually ending with the building you see here.



If you plan on visiting, keep in mind that although the house is virtually abandoned it’s still privately owned and thus on private property. A great way to see it is by driving past it, on a train, or take a ride with an Alaskan bush pilot, which in general is a great way to see the Alaskan countryside.


The “Dr. Seuss House” is located between Willow and a Talkeetna, and would take roughly 25-30 minutes to get into Talkeetna from there.

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