Bishop Castle in Colorado

Colorado is a home to a beautiful mountains and springs but, it also has a man-made wonders, like the Bishop Castle. What initially was intended to be a family cabin, now is a house of adventure.

Located in south Colorado the Bishop Castle is built on the land, that was bought by a 15 year old Jim Bishop for $450, in 1959. He enjoyed spending time with his family in his forest. At the age of 25, when he got married, he decided to built a family cabin. One thing led to another and a cabin slowly became the Bishop Castle. Jim Bishop worked on this project for almost 40 years. He used the skills he learned in his father’s Bishop Ornamental Iron shop. “Built by one man with the help of God”: this is how Bishop described the Castle. Over the years visitor’s numbers grew, but Bishop did not charge for the admission. He set up the gift shop and the donation box, that were funding the construction.

This three story castle made in stone and iron has it all: Grand Ballroom, towers, bridges and even a fire-breathing dragon. Bishop’s craftsmanship is magnificent: fireplaces, spiral staircases, he put his soul into these. Glass ceilings and stained glass arched windows offer amazing view of the mountains.

The Bishop Castle is definitely an amazing and weird roadside attractions, that is must see and its free of charge.

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