Take your holiday to newer heights: Amsterdam’s Crane Hotel Faralda

Amsterdam offers to visitors much more, than what meets the eye. If you are tired of same old tourist attraction places and you’re bored of the usual hotels, then definitely check out The Crane Hotel Faralda, where industrial aesthetics meet eclectic luxury, in the most uncanny of holiday destinations.

True to its name, it’s literally a luxury hotel built inside a towering construction crane. Don’t let the rough and tough exterior fool you, once you enter through a construction lift, that takes you up, up and away, you’ll soon be transported to the chic, artistic interior of the hotel, that also caters to the eccentrically rich and famous.

The hotel has three very stylistically different suites to choose from: the seductive Mystique suite, the whimsical Secret suite, and the ultra-modern chic Free Spirit suite. No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely be in for a treat, since the hotel offers a breathtaking view of Amsterdam.

Furthermore, visitors can dip in rooftop Spa Pool and choose to arrive at the hotel in style, with a helicopter pickup straight from the airport. Now that’s taking luxury to greater heights.

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