Twist and Turns – The Art Gallery of Kistefos Sculpture Park, Norway

Just a stone’s throw away from Oslo, capital of Norway, visitors are charmed by the contemporary and refurbished industrial art at the Kistefos Sculpture Park. Designers BIG (Bjarke Ingles Group) have added a little twist to the park, that doubles up as functional infrastructure and a visual feast for the aesthetic eye. The Twist Art Gallery acts, as a functional pedestrian bridge over the river. The iconic twist design actually controls the river banks, that had varied heights. Besides that, the bridge was added to form an access point across the river, so visitors are able to enjoy the park, that was built over an old wood mill.

The exterior of The Twist is ingeniously built, with raw aluminum strips. They are bent in a way, that creates the visual illusion of a stack of cards. If you think it’s visually unique on the outside, then just wait till you reach the inside. The south side of The Twist is, what designers explain to be the introverted side. It’s a wide double-height structure, with a monolithic entrance, that lacks any windows for sunlight to seep in. Visitors are amazed by the extroverted side. It is a large single-story area, with floor-to ceiling glazing across the walls, that spirals along the twist region. As the twist ends, it leads to a well-lit gallery area full of light, that looms over a stunning view of the old pulp mill.

Cross this unique bridge, with stunning modern and industrial artwork, gives an added edge of interest to the sculpture park and provides visitors with a continuous treat of aesthetic splendor. Whether you’re a fan of architecture, modern art lover or the great outdoors enthusiast, this place is definitely a unique destination of a lifetime.

Photography is by Laurian Ghinitoiu.

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