A Guide to Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Malta

Comino, Malta

Comino, Malta
Photo by Rihards Sarma on Unsplash

Over 5,000 tourists per day travel to the Blue Lagoon during the height of the season. This puts pressure on the environment, and some organizations believe the number should be limited to preserve this hidden Mediterranean gem. 

Its universal appeal is due to its white sand and crystal clear turquoise blue shallow-depth water, reflecting the blue skies, which create an idyllic atmosphere. The 2004 Troy was filmed here, and the pictures of the beautiful landscape accentuated the area’s popularity. The Blue Lagoon’s spectacular scenery allows photographers to snap some fantastic images. If you like visiting beautiful locations for photography, you can see our article on another beauty spot at St Peter’s Pool Malta.

How to Get There

It is relatively easy to travel to the Blue Lagoon even though it is on the Mediterranean Island of Comino.

Option one is to take the ferry; you would start in the city of Cirkewwa (which was visited by the Pope in 2022) or Marfa. Between March and November, two ferries regularly go to the Blue Lagoon. The trip takes about 25 minutes on the outward journey and 35 minutes on the return. This is because it takes a detour to show you the Comino caves. A return ticket will cost you €13 in winter and €10 in summer. Children under 10 have a 50% discount, and groups of over ten people also get a discount.

Option two is a boat excursion from St Julians, Sliema, or Bugibba. Different companies offer this trip, which usually includes food and drink. The prices vary from €25 to €50 depending on the boat and offers. Arriving in good time to avoid a long wait in a queue is advisable, especially at peak times as these trips are popular.

The third option is by far the most accessible and most comfortable. You could hire a private boat with its own captain. This allows you the privilege of mooring in the lagoon for a swim and visiting the Comino Caves at your leisure and at less popular times. As most boats have a fully equipped kitchen and fridge, make the day special by having lunch on board.

When to Visit

May, June, September and October are warm enough for a day on the beach and not too hot for exploring the island. The locals don’t tend to visit on a weekday, so this is an excellent time to go. The earlier, the better; the journey could take up to two hours, depending on where you depart. Dedicate a whole day to make the most of your visit. Taking a boat trip at night can be a magical experience for the entire family.

What is There to Do at The Blue Lagoon

Comino, Malta

Comino, Malta
Photo by Spruce on Unsplash

The clear blue shallow water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, as you don’t have to be an expert to explore the wonderful underwater world. Be aware and stay within the swim zones, as the tides and currents can be strong if you go too far out or near the caves.

If you enjoy walking, don strong footwear and set off across the rocky landscape. Look out for the Santa Marija Tower and Comino Capel. You can hire a 4×4 vehicle to survey the island for the less active. Remember to take your camera for some fantastic photos that will keep the memory of your visit for a lifetime.

What to Take with You

Facilities are limited, so ensure you have everything you need when you visit the Blue Lagoon. A few beach kiosks sell drinks, ice creams, and snacks; you can rent a deckchair for extra comfort. It is advisable to take plenty of drinking water with you. Taking adequate sun protection and sea sickness pills for the ferry ride is a good idea. You will need your swimsuit, a towel, and goggles for snorkeling. During the summer months, light clothing protects you from too much exposure to the sun, but in the cooler months, you may need a light jacket, especially for the boat ride. There are public toilets available throughout the peak season.

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