Echo Park Time Travel Mart: California’s Visionary Boutique

If you’re a busy time traveler who somehow didn’t have time to pick up a gift for your favorite niece or nephew when you were speeding between past and present, never fear. The Echo Park Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles, California has you covered. You can purchase a delectable can of Condensed Primordial Soup from the distant past, a tin of Nanobots from the near future, or a Portable Wormhole that will allow you to visit any time period imaginable.

 Echo Park Time Travel Mart

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart sells quirky items meant to ignite the imagination. The shop is linked to a non-profit writing center which is dedicated to helping students refine their creative writing skills. Every purchase of a fanciful bottle full of Dead Languages, or a tube of heavy duty Astronaut Sunscreen helps support a budding writer working to perfect their craft.

The Time Travel Mart even features numerous books written by students affiliated with the boutique’s non-profit writing program—which is called 826LA. Aspiring writers surrounded by displays of Anti-Cloning Fluid and Mammoth Chunks certainly come up with some creative material. The books produced in-house are some of the most interesting finds in a store known for its curious merchandise.

Echo Park Time Travel Mart

echo park time travel mart catalog

The proprietors of the Echo Park Time Travel Mart claim that their store full of Dark Ages Soap and Evil Robot Memory Eraser is just for fun. However, you never know when an Emergency Mummy Kit may come in handy. With technology continually advancing at a rapid rate, time travel may become a reality sooner than we expect. It is best to prepare for encounters with evil robots, mummies, and mammoths. If you stock up on time travel gifts in advance, you’ll never disappoint your favorite niece or nephew in the wake of accelerating from one century to the next.


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