How To Make The Most Out Of Your Private Jet Charter Experience

Flying on a private jet or a chartered flight is truly an experience in itself. Whether it’s something you do often or it’s a one-in-a-million years kind of splurge, there’s no way to rival the comfort, exclusivity, and ease of flying on a private jet. All the other airplane and flying woes are set aside with how effortless and convenient being on a private jet can feel.

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While flying on a private jet already puts you a few steps ahead of all other types of travelers, that’s not yet the end of the whole experience. You can do as seasoned private jet flyers do, by making the most out of the whole flight experience.

Here are ways you can make it even more enjoyable and memorable, so you can savor every flying hour as if you were royalty.

Choose The Right Plane

Making the most out of your private jet charter experience starts at the moment you book your flight. Similar to taking a regular, commercial flight, you have to choose the right booking channel. But, because you’re flying privately, the choice refers to the size, capacity, services offered, and flight schedule.

The first thing is to book a plane from a safe and reliable private jet operator who can offer you the correct size of the aircraft and services you desire for the entire flight. It is highly recommended to check the operator’s website to verify the necessary certifications and permits for a smooth journey.

Furthermore, you need to take note that the size of the plane doesn’t just pertain to the maximum seating capacity. You also need to factor in the number of luggage you’ll be bringing with you, its weight, and other extras. Flying on a private jet gives you more leeway as to baggage limits and other allowed items just as long as overall, it is still within the safe capacity of the plane. Consider also the type of service that you would want to be delivered as it may require more crew members on board and will need a bigger jet.

Avoid Flying On Peak Days

Whether you are flying first class or a private charter, there is always a risk of delays. This isn’t what you’d like to experience, that’s for sure. Even the slightest delay can change the course of what would’ve been a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

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If you must travel during the peak season, be more selective with your specific travel days in the week. The airline industry generally considers Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays as the peak travel days. Travelers who choose to go on chartered flights aren’t exempted from this notion, as other leisure-chartered flight holiday-goers also frequently fly on those days.

This tip is even more important, especially when you’re flying to a smaller airport. There aren’t many private flights scheduled in a day. With delays during peak seasons and other unforeseen circumstances, it’s not unusual to have your flight bumped into a day later.

Pre-Book All Your Requests

If commercial flights can accommodate any pre-booked special meal requests, this is even more feasible for private jets. The beauty of flying chartered is the fact that the staff has a smaller number of passengers on the flight to attend to, compared to a commercial one. Your needs will be addressed, that’s for sure, for as long as the airplane has it or the operator can make the necessary arrangements in advance.

So, to make the most out of your private experience, specify all the special requests and arrangements beforehand. This includes but is not limited to dietary preferences and restrictions, infant or children needs (e.g., bassinet, baby sheets, pillows, books), and health-related- requirements. Do note, however, that this may cost extra, depending on your chosen flight operator.

Be Selective With Your Chosen Airports

Another advantage of flying chartered is you may have a choice as to the airport you’ll board and deplane the aircraft. Private jets are smaller, so they’re often allowed to land in airports which are too restrictive for big commercial jets.

Use that to your advantage. You can have a smoother start to your trip when you don’t have to land where the high passenger traffic is. You can pick an airport that would require less travel time to and from your home or your final destination.

Book Ground Transportation

Most private jet companies also have subsidiary or partner agents which allow you to book ground transportation. When such is available, you may want to take advantage, especially during peak seasons when taxis are almost always unavailable.

This will significantly reduce your stress and ensure that you will arrive at your chosen airport on time. You’ll have your own chauffeur and butler waiting for you, taking your experience up a notch.


With the tips above, you should now be feeling even more excited to hop on that private jet. Just imagine the ease and freedom of not having to rub shoulders with hundreds of other travelers during check-in, the comfort and five-star service provided by the designated airline crew, and the luxurious, wide seats for you to lay in.

As with any trip that you will have, make it stress-free and even more memorable by planning and booking your chartered flight in advance. Once you’ve enjoyed its perks, you might not go back to flying commercial flights again.

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