Kavicsos Lake: Nature And Peace in heart of Budapest

When visiting Budapest, most tourists are eager to enjoy the impressive Danube river and its views. What many aren’t aware of, though, is that only 30 minutes away from the river lies a beautiful Kavicsos Lake, also known as “pebble lake.”

Aside from its crystal clear water, quiet and fresh air, the lake is also filled with 500 tiny houses built on very small islands, that are spread across the lake. It’s an oasis of peace and beauty designed by Mother Nature itself.

More than two decades ago, there used to be a pebble quarry, that closed down. The remaining excavated pits got filled with rainwater, until a very large lake was naturally created. It only took a couple of years, before wildlife appeared and the area became filled with fish and birds.

Right now, hundreds of houses are built on the many tiny islands. While most of them are summer residences for fishermen or anglers, more than 70 families are permanently living there. The islands are easily accessible by boat and it only takes 30 minutes to get to the center of Budapest, which makes Kavicsos Lake the perfect quiet destination in the city.

Photo credit: Alexander H. Szabo / Aerial National Police


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