Hidden Depth: Neversink Pit, Alabama, USA

The community of Fackler in Alabama, USA, is home to a natural phenomenon that attracts a steady stream of visitors. It interests curious hikers, hardened cave divers and photographers.

Neversink Pit straddles a line somewhere between a sinkhole and a cave. But, however you define it, it is nothing less than extraordinary.

Neversink Pit, Jackson County, Alabama

The 40ft wide-pit drops a staggering 162ft to its floor, making it a challenge for rappelers’ endurance.

Neversink Pit, Jackson County, Alabama

Also, it comes replete with rare and endangered plant species and a population of bats. However, visitors find most amazing a stunning waterfall that cascades its entire 16-story depth. All these combine offer irresistible opportunities for photographers to capture some of the most interesting shots.

Looking up from the bottom of Neversink Pit, cave in Alabama

Neversink Pit, Jackson County, Alabama

Neversink Pit

Jackson County, Alabama, USA Image by © George Steinmetz/Corbis

Reaching the pit requires a half-hour ascent of a mountain. Only tourists granted a climbing permit are allowed to do so. However, those who take the time and effort to get there will be rewarded with a sight of one of the most spectacular sinkholes in the world.

Fackler, Alabama, 35746
United States
Coordinates: 34.8041, -86.0070

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