The Narrows: Utah’s Daredevil Slot Canyon

The state of Utah is home to countless legendary hiking paths. The Narrows in Zion National Park is one of Utah‘s most celebrated and dangerous trails. The Narrows features a slim slot canyon with towering red rock walls that extend a few thousand feet into the air. Utah’s Virgin River inundates certain portions of the canyon. If you’re committed to trekking through the entire length of the Narrows (approximately 16 miles from start to finish) prepare to get wet.

The Narrows

Photo by Frances Gunn

As the name implies, the Narrows are so narrow at certain points that hikers have to proceed single file through tight corners of the trail. It is vitally important to check the weather prior to hiking the Narrows. Getting caught in a flash flood in a slot canyon can be fatal. Flash floods are common during the late spring and early summer, when winter snow begins to rapidly melt.

The Narrows

Photo by Karan Chawla

Hiking the Narrows is an immersive experience. The tall, slim canyon walls foster a sense of peace and solitude. Spending hours deep in the heart of the desert surrounded by red rocks will make you feel like you have traveled back in time. It is not hard to retrace the steps of ancient people when you’re hiking a stretch of desert that is shielded from the outside world by a lofty canyon.

The Narrows

Photo via

Zion Narrows

Photo by Alex Azabache

The Narrows is one of the most stunning slot canyons in the world. Traversing the Narrows will bring untold joy to avid hikers who appreciate a challenge. The stunning “Wall Street” section of the Narrows—which features a sweeping view of the most iconic section of the canyon—is worth the trek. Many outdoor enthusiasts consider the Narrows to be the grand highlight of Zion National Park. If you can tolerate a short dip into chilly water, the Narrows will not disappoint.

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