Nutty Narrows Bridge – Keeping Squirrels Safe Since 1963

We’re all used to seeing pedestrian bridges over busy roads and freeways. But, there are crossing bridges for our furry pals as well.

The Nutty Narrows Bridge is what you would expect judging from the name. It’s the world’s narrowest animal crossing and was built in Longview, Washington in 1963, by Amos Peters. Peters decided to construct a bridge for small animals, since he learned that many squirrels were being hit and virtually flattened by cars on the busy road.

He constructed the original bridge that was designed to look like a tiny suspension bridge. The bridge spanned almost 60 feet and did its part to protect the little furry creatures, who chose the area to be their habitat. The bridge was taken down in 1983 for a few quick repairs, before it was reassembled to its previous state.

Since, the anchor trees that used to hold the bridge were beginning to rot and due to traffic congestion issues, the Nutty Narrows bridge is located in a new area today. Now, the bridge has become a special and historic attraction for visitors around the area to marvel at.

After Peter’s death in 1984, a wooden sculpture of a squirrel was placed near the bridge to commemorate his efforts.

Recognising the historical significance of this bridge to the local community, Nutty Narrows was included in the Longview Register of Historic Places, the Washington Heritage Register, and was included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, there are two more animal crossing bridges, that have joined Nutty Narrows. These two are Kessler Boulevard and Nichols Boulevard. So, take the time to check out these mini-marvels of architecture the next time you’re in town.

Longview, Washington, USA
spanning Olympia Way between 18th Avenue and Maple Street

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