Relax and Recharge on Washington State’s Scenic Kalaloch Beaches

If endless hours of responding to work e-mails, doomscrolling, and watching reality TV are starting to chip away at your sanity, consider traveling to Washington State‘s breathtaking, rustic Kalaloch Beaches. 8 pristine beaches located within Olympic National Park in the northern reaches of the continental United States offer a soothing escape from the daily grind. The Kalaloch Lodge—which was constructed in the 1920s out of driftwood which washed up on a nearby beach—prides itself on offering no phones, no WiFi, and no TVs in virtually all of its rooms.

The Kalaloch Beaches may be home to some chilly surf, but they are ideal for long walks, exploring tide pools, and whale watching. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll to the main Kalaloch Beach—which is located steps away from Kalaloch Lodge—to enjoy a vibrant sunset. Thrill seekers can go on a rugged journey to locate Beach 6, which is the most secluded of all of the Kalaloch Beaches.

The tree of life on the coastline of Olympic National Park in Washington State clinging onto the cliffs on Kalaloch Beach.

The tree of life on the coastline of Olympic National Park in Washington State clinging onto the cliffs on Kalaloch Beach.
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Ruby Beach—which features rust-colored sand and jagged rock islands known as sea stacks—is the most popular of the Kalaloch Beaches. Visitors can admire large pieces of driftwood which have been whittled by nature into abstract shapes. Travelers can also hike to the Hoh River, or—during low tide—trudge to Steamboat Creek for a breathtaking view of Destruction Island. Visitors are advised to wear sturdy, waterproof shoes since Ruby Beach is quite rocky.

Tide pooling enthusiasts flock to the Kalaloch Beaches during low tide to view starfish, clams, and eels galore. The Kalaloch Beaches feature some of the clearest tide pools in North America. Visitors are allowed to gently touch certain types of plants and sea creatures. Olympic National Park rangers ask that visitors be mindful of where they step, and take great care never to grab or otherwise harass wildlife.

The rustic Kalaloch Lodge is an excellent place to unwind and recharge. The lodge is home to a restaurant which serves delectable fresh seafood and local wine. The interior of the lodge features murals depicting ships, sailors with bushy beards, and several whales. Guests can choose one of countless cozy outdoor nooks which face Kalaloch Beach to view waves crashing ashore, storms rolling in, and even a whale frolicking in the distance.

Kalaloch Lodge

Photo by Bob/Flickr

Kalaloch Lodge

Kalaloch Lodge | Photo by Mattia Panciroli/Flickr

A single afternoon spent breathing invigorating sea air and strolling among bleached pieces of driftwood on any of the Kalaloch Beaches will help you relax and recharge as few other places can.

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